Briefly… The My Three Adoration edition

Simon’s 16 years-old.

My first-born, when he was first born, lay there on the heating-table as the nurse looked to me, saying “He’s yours – you can touch him.” I recently introduced him to the (somewhat painful) world of job applications, though it feels as he was only born a few years ago.

Simon has the power.

Hannah’s 15, and Hell on Wheels. Hell. On. Wheels. A strong young woman who desires popularity, while understanding the power of true friendship. She’s gonna dazzle the world with her persona, a trait she gets – oddly enough – from me.

Hannah has the power.

Ian’s 13. “Last but not least” never had a truer ring, and to me, he’s a Heart Of Gold on two legs – two very short legs. He keeps us four in check, making damned sure that I’m always on top of my game.

Ian has the power.

I named them with the following criteria – each should have names rooted in biblical history (“Ian” being Gaelic for “John”), and none should have names that could be altered in common conversation.


All three bless my Life.

All three lift me.

All three have the power.

And all three,

Will someday use it.



Three (3) notes concerning this post:

1) This week’s 100 Word Song prompt was chosen by Linda Roy (who has the bestest business cards ever!) – “People Have Power” by Patti Smith.

2) Losing all punk rock cred, I never actually was that much of a Patti Smith fan. I mean, I caught “Because The Night,” and thought to m’self, “Well, that was rather nice,” before moving on. Hey, it happens. Truth be told, I wasn’t all that sold on Iggy Pop either.

3) There are three people in my life who continually inspire me, unconditionally love me, and make me a better man by their mere presence. They are currently walking with me through the hardest challenge of my adult life thus far, and I felt it was once again time to give them their due respect. Even IF I blew the 100 word limitation by a straight 100% in the process. Being their dad is never a pain, and always a pleasure.

3.5) Well. I suppose we can all safely assume that that last bit is a *touch* over-the-top, unadulterated and biased b.s., right…? 

30 thoughts on “Briefly… The My Three Adoration edition

  1. I’m not much of a Patti Smith fan either, but you told an incredible story with this song and your children.

    You’ve helped to bring incredible people into the world.

    Go you.

    • Thanks Kir, and their incredible is much more about them than me – I just made sure that as many doors as possible were opened for them, in order for them to explore and to share their incredible =)

  2. And last but certainly not least there is Troy. Devoted father, who sails in and out of deep water without a life jacket or a map and always makes it back to the ship. Captain of treacherous and calm waters, he watches as they learn to live.

    You go m’Friend!

    • It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. Of the whole wide world, they’re the only three who have never given up on me, and I will never give up on them.

    • Power makes them whole, a father’s (or in your case, mother’s) love makes them accountable for the success they’ll garner as a result of the first.

  3. I too chose my children’s names to be names that could not be altered, or nicknamed. Their names are their names. I hated my “real” name and always was just Debbie. My anger and embarrassment would flash like gun powder when someone dared call me Debra. I didn’t want that for my kids.

    Having had my little rant, I will say, our children most certainly have the power. Not always the power they want, but they have a power no other human has and a heart is never the same after we have children and learn of it.

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