Master Class 2013

I’m not going to waste time reinventing wheels, so in the words of Eric Storch, “In a nutshell, you will be presented with the opening sentence of a famous (or not so famous) book. You are to write a story using the same first sentence and use as many words as you think you need. In other words, there is no word limit. Past Master Class prompts included “Dhalgren,” “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” “The Gunslinger” and “The Witching Hour.”

You will have one week (submissions close on Monday at 6 pm est) to construct your masterpiece and submit it to Mr Linky. At that time a “winner” is chosen by Top Intellectual Men for that week. The “winner” then gets to choose the next opening sentence (remember, it needs to be from a book) which will be presented Tuesday morning.


I think I’m gonna give this a go, and I think I’ll keep all my entries right here, if you don’t mind.


Disclaimer: As with the 100 Word Song challenge, I do not read any entries until such time as I’ve submitted my own. Any duplication or similarities in story lines is purely coincidental, and can only be chalked up to the “great minds think alike” ideology. That’s right, you were thinking like me when you wrote that bit – sorta scary, right?

That's my two cents. Now, tell me what you think...

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