Justified & Ancient – a 90’s Dance Party

I think that if we’re honest with each other, we can all admit that the 90’s really came down to just (2) little words:

Mu, Mu.

This decade saw a one-time club kid (solely in an effort to increase his already robust instances of getting laid – look – I had an issue, OK?), step off the dance floor to take up residence behind “the booth,” replete with my oversized headphones wrapped loosely around my neck, and my mini flashlight clamped firmly between my teeth.

I went by “DJ Mimizu” (Japanese for “worm,” as all the girls said I danced like one) and much like The KLF, along with my partner DJ Kero Kero Keroppi, I tried desperately every night to kick out the jams, sometimes even asking Tammy Wynette to help…

Of course, when your main focus was to get the kids dancing and grinding (sweat + prospect of sex = increased booze sales), you sometimes had to step back half a decade or so, and slap something onto the turn table that would make them feel “Divine…”

In general, the songs were chosen for the girls. Because every good DJ knew that wherever the girls went, the boys would follow. That being said, hip hop was beginning to invade even the most alternative of scenes, and this sort of music seemed to have both sexes jumping from their seats, hitting the floor in unison…

As the lines continued to blur, it became harder for DJ’s (both the good and the not-so) to discern which scene a particular act was “romancing” with their sound, and this confusion would help to bring about an almost delicious musical crossover…

The blend was upon us, the confusion as to where the musical lines now lay were driving some of us to distraction, as scenes merged and begat wholly new scenes as a result. In short, the world was as it always was, and as it always would be – forever changing and new.

And then this happened…

Good DJ’s everywhere realized that James Brown was dead, and that the game had just changed. Possibly forever, and regardless of whether or not they happened to be getting laid robustly at the time…



Yes, we’re up to the 90’s already over at Jen’s Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday, and while I thought I was going to struggle through this decade, by closing my eyes and clenching down once again upon an imaginary flashlight, the above track list came flooding back to mind. Next week we’ll get a little edgier, and discuss why some roses are stone, why the best jelly comes from pearls, and how it is that pixies can sing without moving their mouths. Until then kids, remember…

27 thoughts on “Justified & Ancient – a 90’s Dance Party

  1. Whoa, you brought back a memory completely forgotten of going to a concert with a friend because she had free tickets and I had nothing else to do. It was Tammy Wynette, and I think Vince Gill and Alan Jackson though I’m not completely positive on the last two (might have been Randy Travis) since I’m not a big country fan and started drinking (a lot) during the Tammy set. And yes, she did this song and the visual is permanently seared into my brain. Nice dance song, as long as I don’t have to watch it.

    • That’s what I love about these prompts – the unexpected, unwelcome, sometimes booze-soaked, yet wholly enjoyable memory bombs that accompany them! I’m glad I could help you to drop one =)

  2. UM, I was waiting to hear RETURN OF THE MACK. ;)
    in the 90’s I was back in college (26 and partying like I was 18…good times) and enjoying Thursday nights at the clubs. My brother actually started DJing back then and now he has a day job and very very lucrative job(s) on the weekends in DC, in AC, sometimes in Vegas etc DJing for clubs. Having a DJ in the family is always a good thing.

    next time, I think a video of you dancing would be appropriate. ;)

    • Fortunately for us all, no known videos exist of this activity. I *might* be able to locate a young “DJ me” pic, but that’s about all the “eye candy” you’re liable to see on the subject… =)

  3. OK. So although I was clubbing in the late middish 80’s, I was a deadhead in the early 90’s. Although I have heard of all of those bands (it’s weird to call them bands, what’s a better name? music squads? musiciahoppers?) thanks to the best job ever, I never listened to any of it voluntarily. It’s really quite interesting to hear them now, as I am sure I never would have without this mixtape. How weird is that. I mean it is weird, because if it wasn’t for my blog, this is a genre that I would have never even heard…. so thanks for that. I think.

    • I was going to say “mixologists,” but I believe bartenders have already snagged that title… =)

      And you’re welcome – I’m glad I could give you back what you give to me every week – a chance to say either, “now what the flip is this new noise, and do I like it?” Or, “oh flip! Why didn’t I think of posting that one!!!” It’s fun!

  4. interesting… (to echo Jen above).

    Once again, I will praise college radio, I have heard this style of music… I would listen it (if I happened upon it driving in my car, \ the same way I listen to any music that I think I don’t like, i.e. my assumption is that, until I have listened to enough of (a given style) of music, I should refrain from deciding if it sucks or not.

    good sampling (not sure if that is best used as a noun or a verb).

    • No fears my good man, I’ll be returning to earth for next weeks installment, and I’m hopeful you’ll find something to your musical tastiness then.

      And yes, “sampling,” hehehe – touche!

  5. Dude!! I had just had so much fun schooling a 20-something coworker with this post, we had a blast and holy crow I wouldn’t want to do it all over again but you made me wish I could just jump back for 24 hours ;)

    • Sometimes it would be nice, right? But most times, I’m pretty danged glad it’s just a memory now (those were some freakin’ laaaaaate nights!)

  6. I love how you told a story about it. I’ll bet you were the supercoolawesome DJ that chicks threw their panties at and stuff. The James Brown is Dead isn’t something that I’d listen to in my car now but I can say that hearing it here brought back some sweaty boozy moments of grinding in da club. Plus, I bounced a little in my chair today so thanks for the exercise.

    • Chair bouncin’ is always a plus!

      Glad I could help you remember those boozy moments, and would you believe, I still have all those thrown panties, in a box labeled simply “Misc.”…?

  7. while I disagree with the cynicsm of the decade and good god do you, kath, jen, and others hate this period, I liked every choice. This is a super mixtape.

    • Thanks man! And would you believe, I found out just tonight that the decade’s not through with us yet? As I was walking past 13 year old Ian, I caught myself singing “KLF, uh huh, uh huh” when he looked at me somberly and said simply, “no Mu Mu land for you!” =)

  8. Wow… What was I saying last week about a Chevy Chase quote??? Dude!!! lol I think you topped last weeks list with this list. At the very least (for me): Interesting. And next week… Back to Earth??? Looking forward to that. Have a good week my Man, Slu


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