1/21 from “Room”

Today I’m five. Certainly, this was not my intent.

No, no, five was about the last thing I wanted to be. First off, it’s an odd number, and odd numbers are bad luck. You know it’s true. Just look at me. Secondly, the fact that I’m five means that there are FOUR others ahead of me. Four complete strangers and, I’m quite certain, utter brutes who’ll get to gobble up all the best stuff before it’s even my turn.

I know, I know, “They most likely won’t be after what you’re getting dear, and besides, I’m sure they’ve plenty in stock,” but we both know that that’s a whole lot of phooey. Of course they’ll want exactly what I want, and because they’re first, they’ll take ALL of it right out from underneath my nose, before I even get called upon, confound it!

Today I’m five. Tomorrow I’ll need to get here earlier.


“Ever humble Marian Kent, writer at Runaway Sentence and owner of ALL CAPS PUBLISHING, chose Emma Donoghue’s Room, which begins with ‘Today I’m five.’

~ Master Class 2013

24 thoughts on “1/21 from “Room”

  1. My son collects Hot Wheels. Every few months a local Big Box store has a raffle-type grab for new cars. Collectors come hoping to get ones called “Treasure Hunts,” special editions that are rare and highly collectable. This reminded me of that. It’s always better to be among the first to get a better number draw.

    • Thanks for reading along and dropping in Tara =)

      For my sons, it’s Lego minifigures. The catch? They come in opaque bags so you don’t know what you’re getting. The solution? (Me spending hours upon hours in the aisle while) the two of them feel their way through each little bag to ascertain what’s within before they purchase…

  2. Excellent take. Just for the record if you ever get the urge to write more than 150 words – I’d certainly read them. I like this.

  3. I like your take on it too. As an avid fantasy football player, drafting in 5th position for the 2013 season, I couldn’t help but nod my head as I know the very best players will be gobbled up in the first four draws. *sigh* (But I don’t want to lose to get first, so…draft pick trading it is! LOL)

  4. T – Love you’re writing!…You had me feeling anxious and I didn’t even know what I was going to miss out on! But I do know I already have a plan to get up even earlier for a better number!!!!Hahaha

  5. YES…I am like this a lot. I loved this, because it’s exactly how most of us feel about not being 1st..or even 2nd. 5 is such an arbitrary number, not one of my favorites..you made it clear why.

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