Same Love

In keeping with what I started last time, I will continue to push personal envelopes in regards to my FTP responses, including this 50 Word “Hot Flash,” which gave us “Embark” for the word prompt.

As always, I would invite you to click the link above – both to see the other entries, and to consider please providing one yourself.

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

After spying my name-tag, he looked on radiantly, calling me by name. And even if blind, I still would’ve “seen” the smile through his tone.

He was cute… soooo damned cute. And trying so hard.

Realizing it time to embark upon my life anew, sheepishly I handed him my number.


21 thoughts on “Same Love

      • I think that once you have been doing these for a while they will become much easier, but you are already doing so well with them and I have enjoyed what I have read so far.

        I will keep calling by and reading your postings my friend. Have a fine rest of day and equally a pleasant evening to follow :)


  1. (looks to one side, then to the other) Danged trolls keep dragging my comments to you off and away… I like this. (looking again and attempting to post)

    • If they are, they’re probably the best sort – the sort who doesn’t realize it.

      I’m glad the words and the tune hit the right chord with you today, sis =)

      • Most days I need a good kick in the head to help me learn the lesson. Not so with the song you posted yesterda. It lighted around me like the wings of a hummingbird. While the lesson came to rest gently on my shoulder.

        Did you listen to ‘Cry Love’ by John Hiatt yet? If not, here’s a link.


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