One walks free. Another runs – either from or to. And a third is locked rigid, never to walk nor run from where they are, right now, forever.

Here are the 100 Friday Fictioneer words that came to mind when the picture was fully taken in; a draft originally slated for my other, “woe is me,” blog that never saw the light of day. Not until now.

I hope you enjoy.


Copyright -Renee Heath

the thing that ran away, the thing that you don’t want anymore, the thing that is gone…

is it ok to still weep at its passing?

the thing that is to be, the thing that you desire so badly, the thing that is *just* ‘round that corner…

is it ok to sob over its delay in coming?

the thing that is, the thing that weighs heavily upon you right now, the thing that relentlessly encases you…

is it ok to lament that it’s neither the former nor the latter, but rather just a painful, albeit hoped-filled, bridge between the two?


A special thanks to my dear sister and friend Renee for this weeks photo prompt. I’d tell you to go and check out her site, but I am certain that all of you already do…

52 thoughts on “Somewhere.

    • “Beyond The Sea.” One of Bobby Darin’s best – did you imply it intentionally? Regardless of whether you did or not, thank you for your advice – it was taken to heart =)

  1. No one ever seems to see/feel the beauty of limbo…That moment/moments of in-between. The peace in treading water. We always want it now, be it now and rush to the finish line. In tact arrivals always include journeys filled with breaks, pauses and U turns. It’s what puts the past into proper perspective and ensures a safe arrival to your beautiful destination. Enjoy!

  2. I loved the rhythm of this piece. And as someone who has done a lot of this lately, crying (in whatever form, as long as liquid does leak from your eyes) is a very necessary part of life.

  3. I wrote a poem once about a bridge over a swirling river of emotions (similar to the one you describe). It was entitled “Somewhere between Difficult and Impossible”

  4. Dear Troy,

    I’ve written some similar pieces, one entitled “Somewhere Between Faith and Feelings.” There’s a natural grieving even if the thing we’re moving away from is harmful. Though toxic it’s familiar. At least that was my own experience. And if I’m all wet you may tell me. In any case it’s a good poem. A lot of layers and feeling to it.

    Wishing you Shalom and healing,


  5. i love the rhythm and the sincerity on this piece. i’m a person who cries a lot. even when there’s no more reason to, sometimes, i still seem to find a reason to cry. so there’s gotta be something good in crying. i always tell myself, if i cry about something from the past, it’s ok coz that just means i had something really great. better than nothing. and if i cry for something i don’t have yet, well, that’s awesome, it’s great to want something that bad. definitely better than nothing. hope i made sense. great piece. :)

    • You make perfect sense dear, and I’m so glad that we have the crying thing in common! You’re right, of course – there is something good in it. It’s just up to us to remember that as the tears fall =)

  6. Dear Troy,

    When a piece moves me past a certain point, as yours did, I say that it has and hope that is enough. This is one of those times. To say more right now only takes away from the world your words showed me.



  7. Very interesting piece. Sometimes it feels like we have too many ‘things that are” and “things that ran away” and they are painful to deal with. Appropriately you pose them and don’t resolve them because most of us can’t. That’s existence for most of us, well portrayed.

    • I sometimes fear that in the resolution, we find that our story will end, yes? That being said, I’m also hopeful of some happier chapters to come along again =)

    • OK, this is going to sound weird, but you give the nicest compliments. They always feel, I don’t know, “deep-rooted” and heartfelt.

      Thank you for that, and again, feel free to check out Mr. Darin’s catalogue, I promise you that you will NOT be disappointed!

  8. Troy, weeping is like lancing a boil–it allows the hurt to escape and may have to happen more than once. Worse that weeping is the dead feeling that is no feeling. Once you move beyond that, weeping is, I think, the next step. And after that, healing can begin. May it be so for you.


    • Wonderful analogy Janet! And yes, with the release of the tears (regardless of how often is required) – and should we be open to it – true healing can begin. And so it will =)

  9. I like the resonance in this poem, the self examination, the caught in the middle feel.

    I believe a sob fest releases pent up emotions, makes room for proper breathing and clears the mind. Once is not enough, but is done in stages–the letting go. Time d.o.e.s. heal, and patience waits, knowing the end will come when it is time.

    • Whenever someone refers to my work as a “poem,” I always feel so honored, as I never view my efforts as being necessarily poetic in nature. Thank you Tess, and yes, time – along with desire and patience – does heal. Heals, and hopefully frees the individual to be truer to themselves as a result.

  10. I loved this. It is always OK to weep, however many times. The tears help wash away the pain, eventually.
    And thank you for the Bobby Darin

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