Judy & Friends

The second-most virtuous man I know is going through a pretty intricate operation today. Please keep him and the most virtuous man I know, his husband, in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks, and this post is dedicated to them…

Sinatra did it.

Streisand did it.

Bennett did it.

Hell, Martin and Cole did it, years after they were already pushing up booze-soaked daisies.

But the Mother of all dueting, the forevermore Queen of all that the duet sun shines itself upon, was one Ms. Judy Garland. A consummate professional, she was confident in her talent enough, as to not throw under the bus whatever musical tit-for tatter happened to be working with her at the time. A lesson that one of her co-stars embraced. Another consummate professional in his own right, maybe you’ve heard of him before, and maybe it was here that you did…

To be sure, Mr. Darin was no stranger to the art of duet either, a talent that shown through never brighter, than when he cajoled a little-known lyricist (and founder of Capitol Records) into doing an entire album with him – one produced for Capitol’s competitor no less, the ATCO Records label…

Now if Judy ever sang with Mercer, I don’t know, but I do know she eventually nailed both Sinatra and Martin – in a one-two punch that left them reeling…

Speaking of duets, unbeknownst to most, Sinatra and Martin weren’t actually opposed to working together, and on very rare occasion, these two would lock horns (of the musical variety, of course), even if Garland wasn’t able to come out and play…

Hell, they were even known to on even rarer occasion “Pack” it in with Sammy in tow…

But it will still be Judy who ends the day (not to mention this post), with her ability to pick ’em, work with ’em, and make everyone a winner in the process. Even when the artist chosen had everything to gain, more the still when compared to Ms. Garland’s absolute nothing to lose…

Oh, and for all of you Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesdayers who thought about this bonus ditty the VERY SECOND you heard Sinatra’s name today; I want you to know that, 1) you are waaaaay old and, 2) it was the first thing I thought of as well… enjoy!


PS: I decided that since any of the “relevant” duets I could have come up with (Queen/Bowie, Fine Young Cannibals/Somerville, Public Enemy/Anthrax, Strummer/Cash, Pogues/Maccoll,  Reznor/Murphy) would most likely already be addressed by other, more capable Tuesdayers, it left me the room to actually drop my music snobbery for a spell, and play around with this prompt instead. I hope you dug this momentary diversion into what – I fear – will soon to be a forgotten entertainment treasure, and I hope you do your part to help us remember a world wherein talent was what drove the industry we so love.


30 thoughts on “Judy & Friends

  1. The Nat/Natalie duet was top of my list, but I also figured someone else would bring it. You mentioned it, so close enough. Great choices on all the crooners!

    • Thank you so much! And sorry I couldn’t post Nat, but I figure that when one person in the duet is long-dead, then it’s sorta tough to consider it truly as a joint effort, ya know?

  2. I LOVE THIS SO HARD!!!!! OK this might go down as my favorite mix of ALL time. Don’t tell everyone else!!! The one with Sammy! I was laughing so hard! I love to see them like that. Although it makes me long for a time when that was music. I just love anything with any one of the singers you have on this mix. I actually have Happy Days are Here Again in rotation at my house right now. Because Barbara? Man…. You out did yourself. (and I agree about all the other standard duets being taken, that was kind of the impetus for my post too!)

    • In heaven, I know that there’s a stage where they’re “on” all the time. There simply has to be. It will hardly seem like heaven if they’re not – right?

      Thank you SO MUCH for your ALL CAP LOVE Jen – I appreciate it =)

  3. Babs and Judy’s duet is by far my fave that you posted today. But I’m a sucker for Bono so I had to share his duet with Frankie:

    My Tunesday was spent with Natalie Merchant because I’m a romantic clod that finally has an erotic story swirling around her blonde brain.

  4. First, and most importantly, huge thoughts of love and support to your friend and his husband. I hope the surgery goes well and that he’s up and about soon.
    Second, your list is amazing and I’m not just saying that because Eddie was the final one on mine today, too (great minds because it was the one I thought of as soon as I figured out what the heck Jen was talking out in her weird text to me). Also Barbara is AMAZING. So amazing. Swoon.

    • Thank you so much – and as I recently heard, the operation was a success, and he’s resting easy!!!
      Also, I’m glad you dug my scene (and bonus points for Eddieing like me, even IF it places your mind dangerously close to mine!)

  5. Not exactly my thing but you have offered a rather
    nostalgic posting that everyone here has enjoyed :)

    Have a fun evening Troy…


      • I always have an open mind on everything Troy, as without being honest with one’s thoughts there is no room left for growth. As I mentioned yesterday the style of the music is not my preference but I admire talent, and all of those featured here on your Space have an abundance of that :)

        Have a fine day my friend :)


        • “without being honest with one’s thoughts there is no room left for growth” I’m going to write that on my bathroom mirror, and my dashboard, and my computer screen at work. Thank you Andro!

          • You are very welcome Troy, and
            do enjoy a most exciting evening
            my friend :)

            I will be calling into your Space soon,
            indeed I need to start catching up with
            all of my fine friends…


  6. here’s the thing, my understanding of the musicological aspect is somewhat limited, so when I write about duets (and duos) it tends to be along the lines of: liked the Sinatra/Martin song ’cause they seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves.
    And the first video, the Darin and Garland piece, there it was more, ‘hey, they went from talking to singing in a way that did not leave me saying, ‘now you’re *singing*?’

    there is totally an element of broadening musical horizons with this here bloghop here.

    (best wished for your friends)

    • The thing for me Clark, about music at any rate, is that I truly feel that it is the language of God. AND, when you find a talent (like the folks above) who also treat it with that sort of respect, you can’t help but win – especially when they are working with another talent of a similar mind. Take for instance the following (bounced from my original playlist, I don’t know why). Now to be sure, not exactly “Godlike,” it still gives you a feeling you just never could find anywhere else – right?

  7. Seems like back in the golden era, they had a LOT more fun with music and music videos than the artists do these days. Loved the (oops! Oh yes you did!) trio of Frank, Dean and Judy.

    And Sammy Davis Jr had me genuinely giggling! What an amazing character and talent. I do love him.

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