Friday Fictioneers

Fine Renee, I’ll play along with Friday Fictioneers.

I’ve done music prompts (somewhat easy) and word prompts (not so easy), so why not try a photo prompt (damned hard!) as well?

Here’s my first entry into the world of Friday Fictioneers – please let me know what you think:


Two in one.

Where do I end, where do you begin?

When I end, how will you carry on?

I am ending, you know. It was foretold that I would.

You will end as well, but not for years until after I.

What will you do with that time of solitude?

Will you reinvent yourself? Become someone new?

Or will you instead stagnate, languishing while you wait for Mr. Death to come back ‘round for you?

My spirit hopes it’s the first of the two, my jealous love, the second.

Two in one. When I end, how will you begin?


65 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers

  1. Welcome, t, to your new addiction!! I’m not joking in the least, but hopefully it will be an enjoyable addiction. Your writing is very poetic and you raised the eternal conundrum: “My spirit hopes it’s the first of the two, my jealous love, the second.” It can be difficult to rise above and hope for the best. I look forward tor reading more of your stories in the next weeks.

    This may be just me but, although I love the word “lolling”, it seems too casual for the rest of your piece and not nearly as poetic.


    • Thanks Janet! It was enjoyable, and I’m glad that you’ll be coming back in the weeks to follow =)

      In regards to “lolling,” I chose that phrase ultimately, as I felt it best captured the sense of laziness I was trying to invoke. I would love to hear if you felt another word would’ve done the trick in a better way.

      • I like languishing because, as I mentioned, it seems to me to give the same lazy sense but in a way that feels (to me) to be more in tune with the rest of your word choices. Here:
        “Or will you instead stagnate, lolling about while you wait ” or
        “Or will you instead languish while you wait?”
        “Lolling about” just sounds more casual to me, not in mean, but in the way it flows with the rest of the piece, which seems more formal, in a poetic way.

        Just my $.02, for what it’s worth.


        • If it only cost me $.02, then I made out like a bandit – thanks!

          Let me see if I can sneak (1) more word in somewhere else (as a 100 Word Songer, I’m pretty militant in making each entry 100 words exactly), and I’ll make the edit.

  2. oh that last line is beautiful. My uncle died when I was in high school. My aunt stopped living her life at that moment. 40 years later, at 85, she’s still waiting to die. I love your work here. thank you for sharing this post.

    • Much thanks!

      I was first thinking of my folks when I wrote this, but then realized, it could also be a future conversation between C and myself as well – which will be chosen, and who will choose it? Then of course, I got all creeped out, and just changed the conversation with myself all together =)

  3. Dear T,
    Welcome aboard the Friday Fictioneers bus. We’re a little like the Hotel California. You can check out but you can never leave.
    Touching story/poem of the circle of life. My mother passed away three years before my father, but a huge part of him died with her.
    Looking forward to reading more from you,

    • Thanks Rochelle, and it may become much more an instance of your trying to give me the boot, then my attempting to leave =) I’m glad you liked my 100.

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