“Oh? And what’s so stinking about it?”

OK, I lied a little bit on Monday. I’m sorry.

Don’t get me wrong, I was suffering from writers block. But only a little. And even that only due to the fact that I had, just prior to then, plunked out my second-ever book review for The Review Crew (!!!).

Don’t believe me? Then check it here.

See? Told ya. I don’t know why you never believe me any way. Hell, I’ve even made up a page dedicated to it, based on the assumption that you’d want to go back multiple times to read these…

Now, I’ll bet those of you “in the know” can already tell which book I’m reviewing based solely on the title of this post. And if not, then here’s another clue to aid you, or if nothing else, at least help you to get your new wave boogie on.

I hope you enjoy both this song and the review. And I hope you don’t come back around here, simply to throw rotten canned vegetables at me if you don’t.

Happy Friday!

7 thoughts on ““Oh? And what’s so stinking about it?”

  1. I like the song but all I kept thinking was, “Why does the guy have such yellow teeth?”

    A Clockwork Orange is one of my favorite books! Loved the review! :)

  2. HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY it’s blocked now! I have been thwarted!! I demand…I do!! Full bottom lip pout,scowl, sitting up straight and a stamp………it is rare that I actually stamp while sitting down. I imagine it’s pretty goofy looking and not at all the way I intend it on my insides. I will never know now (plaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaze fix it) if I hate the music or if I love it.

      • oooooooooooooooooooo i like it!! I feel a bit better now, bills paid, two cups of tea in…giggling about being that iceburg with the violet inside drip drip drip giggle ANGER
        doh drip roflmao

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