“because reason was in fact out to lunch”


Well now, this IS embarrassing!

I apologize for the mess, but I honestly had no idea you’d be by, seeing as my post for today is actually waaaaaaaay over at 1001 Books to Read Before You Die. And if nothing else, it should serve to clear up – by at least a touch – the title of this particular anti-post.

Yep, it’s my first-ever guest post (awesome!) and my first-ever honest to Goshicles book review (awesomener!) I do hope that you click through for a read! I also hope that you drop back in here for a spell, to tell me what you thought of the review as well!

And I promise that by the time you come back, I’ll have put pants on…


11 thoughts on ““because reason was in fact out to lunch”

  1. Okay, Spongebog No Pants. Ferrante and Teicher And a viewmaster?

    I have a horrible admission: I have not read the book, listened to it on the radio, or watched the movie (and despite the bad reviews it does have a Great cast), so I suppose I should, all these many years later, right this wrong and read the darn thing. Your book review made me want to.

    • And would you believe, none of it – well, most of none of it – was staged?

      You really should read it, and I hope you do. It’s a wondeful read for any lover of words =)

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