As I’m sure most of you noticed (I see you over there, checking out my digs…), I added on a new room to my blog house just yesterday.

The room is called 100 Word Song, a very cool idea thought up by Lance who lives over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog that works a little bit like this: basically, every Tuesday Lance posts a song, and from that song you have to create a 100 word dialogue. Not 99 words. And not 101.

Hell, I can’t even tell people my favorite color that breifly, so I’m unsure as to how often I’ll be playing along. I would suggest that you join in though, as it’s a very cool exercise to put your writing muscles through AND if you’re chosen as the best submission, you get to pick the next weeks song.

That being said, I would suggest that you join in. But I’m not gonna. I won’t, because I know that what you write will be better than what I write, and then you’ll win the top slot. And then you’ll go all cheesy and pick some sort of Kenny G ditty as your song of choice, and then, well, I’m sure you can see how the whole thing would just get unpleasant from there (Kenny G does seem to have that effect).

So, there you have it. And see? I couldn’t even serve up this “Briefly…” moment in less than two hundred and forty seven words.

Sad man, just sad…

100 Word Song Robot

6 thoughts on “Briefly…

    • Oooh, but only 100 words? How could I ever truly pontificate that briefly?
      I guess we’ll just have to see – assuming the song chosen moves me =]

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