“Dude those lyrics, are like, man, they’re like genius!”


And that’s what we’re about today, on our very second-to last installment of Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday before sabbatical.

Now, I could literally run with this theme, five songs a day, for the next several years. But I won’t. And I also didn’t inflict any undue mental exhaustion by trying to choose the “best of the bunch” either.

No, what follows instead are the lyrical giants for me that deal with topics quirky, topics not normally brought to light in polite society. And to that end, I suppose we’d have to start with the grand daddy of them all…

Followed by a little gender identification sing-a-long…

Before we see if anyone would care for another dose?

Because we all know that we sometimes just don’t fit in…

Until of course, someone loves us true.

And for today’s bonus track, well, I’m hoping that at least some of you will have seen this one coming. I mean, the week’s prompt was about “genius lyrics,” after all…

6 thoughts on “Brilliant!

  1. My mom used to hate when I listened to the smiths. “It’s so depressing.” I never got why she felt that way but reading the words and having more life experience, I get it.

    • Oddly, I used to hate the Smiths (waaaay too popular for my liking), but the years have caused me to grow in my appreciation of them, and hell, Asleep is pretty danged genius!

  2. *tears* if only one of my parents would have asked “when are you gonna love you like I do?”…my life would have been so different – like night and day. Too many nights and not enough days.

  3. I’m sorry it took so long for me to get here Tweetless, but there is a good long story to go with it.
    I’m here now! And I have to say this, The Smiths are from a very uncomfortable place in my life so I didn’t really remember the lyrics to Asleep until I listened now. It’s weird how you connect with something at one point in your life and not another. Okay, not funny it makes sense, whatever.
    MY POINT is, my response to stressful interacations with my mother is always just wanting to go to sleep. It has become almost a joke in our family. Everyone knows there’s a breaking point for me, and it comes when I say “I just want to go to sleep.”
    LOVED the Hedwig and the Angry Itch. I always wanted to be Farrah Fawcett….
    Bauhaus brought back sooooo many memories for me..that music, Nellie McKay is new to me and yes on the brilliant lyrics though.
    And well, Pink Floyd…duh. Man, I remember buying Syd Barrett’s album back…I don’t know, early 90′s. We would spend hours listening to that….
    Thank you so much for coming back for the end, you don’t know how much it means to me. You are one of the few “originals” that are still around. I miss that. I don’t know why, but I feel like those were the good old days.
    Maybe when I come back with a new incarnation it will feel good again.
    Maybe come back for Farewell this week? If not please drop your music related posts in the FB group so I can keep up. <3

    • You don’t know how much it means to ME that you invited me back – they were the good old days, but there will be good new days to come as well my dear.

      For now, go put on some makeup, plug in the 8 track, and go pull your wig down from the shelf…

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