A New Face

k~ continually inspires me. As such, much like she has successfully done previously, with this week’s Inspiration Monday challenge, I attempted to use not one, but all five prompts. I hope it worked, and I hoped you like.


“You’ve gone and fouled up the whole scheme of things, now haven’t you? Why don’t you just wipe that stupid grin off your face?”

The words never left her mouth of course, but through her bristled stare and hardened oxblood-red lips, you could tell that that was exactly what she meant to say, the very moment that she worked up the courage to actually do so. Sadly, it was a courage she’d been “working up” for most of her adult life, but to no avail.

“That is OBVIOUSLY the blouse isle,” she continued to silently scream through the thrift store where she stood at a safe distance, “and YOU are OBVIOUSLY in no need of any of those!”

Again, her lack of courage being an instance where cowardice in one, is a blessing to the many around them.

Having difficulty swallowing her disdain, she cringed as she observed blouses – colorful, flouncy and free – being held up first in surprised joy, and then to the breast, checking to see if they would fit.

“And being so flagrant about it! The nerve! You should only be the way the good Lord made you – no use in being any different! Why, it would be a sin – it would be like going up the drain!”

Her face continued to harden, making of it almost a new face, as she stared only through the windshield of her ignorance and fear while murmuring finally aloud through clenched and ground-down teeth, “I can only imagine the shame your poor family must feel…”

Her words were cut short by the appearance of the man who saddled up next to the teenage blouse browser. Shaking his head slowly in sad disapproval, he pleaded, “son, we’ve talked about this. You can NOT buy that blouse. Dude, you know that that shade of green makes you look totally dead! Besides, I found a pair of cool pumps you might wanna buy instead.”

The boy replied with a quick and excited “awesome!” as he hurriedly placed the blouse back onto the rack.

And in that action was when he finally noticed her, their eyes locking for a brief moment. He smiled naturally, and before he broke contact, placed both thumbs high up into the air as he mouthed the earnest and complimentary compliment of, “I LOVE your hat!”

In that moment, and while still only a shade of a glimmer of a possibility of an idea to her yet-hardened soul, she could have almost sworn that as he turned away she saw in him a different face. A face somehow new.


For today’s post, I was going to end with another song altogether, before stumbling upon the choice below. I think this says exactly what I was hoping to say, only far more eloquently. Mainly – in the (new) face of hate, Love is our only defense…

14 thoughts on “A New Face

  1. Rory, I’m so sorry that I haven’t read your blog in so long. You NEVER cease to amaze me. I wish I could write with such heart. Such emotion. Maybe it’s because I know you a bit that I can feel your stories more. Maybe it’s because you’re just that damn good. I think it’s a mix of both. Have you ever read anything by John Green? My darling, you’re him, but better. Because you’re you.
    Love, Renee

    • Thank you so much Renee – I truly appreciate your words, but more than that, your love and support. I haven’t read any Green (I don’t think?), but I will now. You know, “to check out the completion…” =)

  2. It is fun to see that you find inspiration in our communication, as I do too. :-)
    This is a good example of how to implement all five of the prompts AND write a good story. Bravo m’Friend.

  3. Troy, Your post are so well written with something beautiful just below the surface. I always reread it 2 maybe 3 times more to ensure I haven’t missed something, I would miss later in my life.

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  5. Well-drawn characters, here – her lack of courage, but the thoughts that can be read in her anyway: that says so much more about her and about the scene than if she outright said it.
    Ah, it’s so important to try to see both sides of an issue – not just to test our own beliefs for truth, but to remember to treat the other person like a human being even if you still believe they are wrong.

    • So true. Like I’ve told my children (but only to remind myself), “you know that person that you hate? The one you totally loathe? Well, God loves them too.”

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