Twisted Wind Down

Much like the ancient computer that eventually won out in forcing me to cease and desist from creating posts for this group, my heart is literally broken over the news that Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday will be closing its doors for a spell in three short weeks!

I’m going to try to participate in these final endeavors, though at the speed with which my ‘puter works, they may not be ready until Wednesday/Thursday time frame.


Jen, you are still (in my mind at least) easily one of the top five people (give or take) in all of human history for creating this prompt, and I want to thank you for hosting our musical maniacal meanderings over the past year.

As this is the last “Your Choice,” prompt, I suppose none of us should be surprised that I went here…

Darin did it all. Really. Rock, pop, country, and folk. He even (as detailed here) could be said to have been one of the originators of the Gothic scene. Don’t believe me? Try some of this pudding for your proof…





And yes, even “Gothic:”

You see, with B.D., we always got “the real thing.” With B.D., we always got more. Which leads me to my third-to last bonus track (there’s always a bonus track…), my personal favorite most favorited of all time, Darin tune:

PS: I intentionally avoided his more “popular” songs today as I was hoping to broaden horizons while applying my adept skills at music snobbery…

10 thoughts on “Twisted Wind Down

  1. Do you know how much I’ve missed you? I haven’t bugged you because I knew you were having computer issues and would be here if you could. I am so glad you came back. When I think of earlier mixtapes you were always there. I always felt musically connected to you ;-)
    AND always always loved Bobby Darin – Samson and Delilah has always been a favorite, and I have always loved to play it for my boy. I don’t think he is old enough to put two and two together with Bobby because he does have so many different styles. He hears him… and luckily I know how the music you hear when you’re young sticks with you.
    I hope you join us for the next two… but I promise we will be back if you can’t make it.

    • Awww, Jen! I missed you too! we are musically connected (you poor thing), and I will try my dangedest to be here next week (STELLAR prompt!) and the week following as well – your crew is vitally important to me, and it hurts to know that I can’t visit the other submissions w/o my ‘puter crashing! Regardless, I’m so glad you brought this to life =)

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