David’s White Coat.

You might think that it should be The Clash, but it won’t.

Or possibly Judas Priest is the one band you think I’ll address today, but they’re not the winners either.

Surely you all know me well enough to know that it couldn’t possibly be Bobby Darin, as I do so loathe going with the over-the-top obvious in these matters.

And to those who know the inner me very well as well, perhaps you think The Bolshoi will be the band who rates my five, but even these lovely lads will be passed up for today.

And they will be likewise treated, as even more important than they, New Model Army has for many a year led my heart’s fray.

First formed in 1980, and still recording and touring till this day, these boys out of Yorkshire, England first captured me in 1988, with my unplanned purchase of their self-named EP tape (one of the many such bands that I came to love, after purchasing their album based SOLELY upon the artwork) – an EP tape that awoke my melodic and social senses with an immediate kick to the mental stones, partially due to their message of bleached lab coats gone mad…

David, my dearest friend and mentor during my stay in Jacksonville, North Carolina, at a little USMC air station called New River, chose this very song to last-dance to when he was leaving, discharge papers in-hand. And while that experience burned into my memory cells, it would prove to be a different N.M.A. song altogether that highlighted the “Tribe” that I had found for the first time ever, during those stormy days of my youngish life…

Appearing on their “Thunder & Consolation” album – a disc that would forever change the way I looked at people, “Vagabonds” was only bested by the following little ditty. A song of no consequence, unless of course, you listened to the lyrics…

Like many bands in my life, these boys and I parted ways at some point, though neither one of us will ever truly know why. And it wasn’t until we reconnected that these avowed witches were able to (once again) help to explain to me my avowed Christian beliefs, all while talking to me about “me…”

Once we reconnected, I went on a mad flourish (yes, complete with wrists a’ flailing, if you please) to catch up on all their efforts that I had missed out on while being absent. And as a result, your bonus track for today comes before track #5…

But alas, track #5 must ALWAYS come, and in the case of New Model Army, and in relation to a 44-year-old post-punk punk, the following provides strange consolation to an oldish man getting ready himself to be reborn…

Since 1988, they’ve spoken to me, consoled me and urged me on. I’m quite certain they never knew that they did so, but I’d like to thank them for the favor none the less. New Model Army – you should check them out.


Jen, God bless ya for starting Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday, and God bless ya even more for providing us with the “favorite band” prompt for this week.


24 thoughts on “David’s White Coat.

  1. damn!
    your Post is excellent and I always enjoy hearing new music presented with (or in) a context that enhances my enjoyment. unfortunately, your Post also makes me realize how there was a time when I could sing (or hum or hear-in-my-head) a soundtrack to my life at any (given) time… the unfortunate part is realization that I don’t do that so much anymore. not the full on soundtracking. Sure I still have the traumatic events* locked to the random song…
    Kinda wish I had that more of the interweaving of music to current events that your Post portrays so well and my memory insists was the case in some point in time in the past.

    good post

    * both good trauma and bad trauma lol

    • Thanks Clark, and as I noted in my guest post at Jen’s Joint – music has always been my best friend. For me, I couldn’t think of NOT having a soundtrack of some form or fashion anymore than I could imagine going the day without eating. Ya know?

  2. You were so the Yin to my Yang in the 80’s although New Model Army was on my radar, it was because the guys I hung with listened to them… me not so much. I am really happy to be reacquainted, thanks so much! I love that we both have such a similar passion for music. This is awesome, also hoping you won’t stay “tweetless” forever!

    • I am so glad to be able to Yin someone – especially one as cool as you Jen =) And oddly enough, my experience with Elton is almost the same as yours with N.M.A.!

      We’ll see about me growing some tweet muscles, but I’m not making any promises, m’K?

  3. Hmmm. Never heard of this band, and they couldn’t be more different than the one I featured…but I’m sure we have some common ground somewhere! Thanks for introducing me to a new (to me) band!

  4. It’s hard to define who mentored who back then. We both learned a lot and shared a lot and walked away better for it. Now I just have to dust off my old NMA tapes and find that beat up old Walkman of mine.

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