Raised On The Radio (& Heavy Metal magazine)

Bravely yielding my six-string axe through a fiery inferno of hot rock and barely clad large breasted Amazonian women. All of whom are fighting amongst themselves, in a sweaty, hot, fornication-promising heap, over who will be the victor in having the honor of straddling my leg, as the nerd painter – decked in floods and flannel and dreams – creates my muscle-ripped mountain-top-commandeering portrait, replete with crotch-covering lion’s fur and a backdrop of gloomy and hard volcanic ejacu… Oh hell! I guest authored today on wicked cool Jen’s site, and here’s the wicked cool link to take you there.

Please pop on back and tell me what you thought about my wicked cool, Heavy Metal-doused diatribe!



8 thoughts on “Raised On The Radio (& Heavy Metal magazine)

  1. ya made me snort!
    I am giggling madly over the joy of figuring out how to use that pause button!!
    Bobby Darin is betterer than that metal stuff! (sometimes)

    The Oh hell part was hilarious.

    • Thank you so much Lizzi – one of the reasons I went in search of the clock radio image was because I could remember it all soooo vividly, that I was hoping to express it in a way that you’d be able to see it/relive it again as well =)

  2. sorry, I look at the photo in this Post and think: “Well, duh!” lol (damn this lack of italics!)

    For the inflection challenged, I will say, “ok! I see the pitcha… whats everyone laughing at?”
    I will confess that, as a teenage male human* I knew I needed to learn to play guitar when I heard Little Miss Lover (Axis: Bold as Love) it was so *simple*! The song, the guitar…the obvious (in my adolescent imagination) effect on the female lifeforms. How could it not work for me too?

    I’m liking our Ms. Jen’s new Radio thing. Good Post to start it off.

    *that that is considered a valid descriptive term will tell the Reader everything about my youthful worldview…lol

    • It was true Clark, all true! In fact, my lifelong inability in learning how to play the guitar is the sole reason for my lousy record in the Love dept., I just know it!

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