The Final Scene

When first tasked with writing about the musical 90’s, I was a little depressed to realize that I could no longer speak of The Clash. And then I remembered, I began the 90’s in Okinawa. And in Okinawa was where I first heard this:

The Blue Hearts were termed by many as “the Japanese Clash,”and while they’ll have no further say in this post, I just couldn’t leave the 90’s – or Okinawa – without a shout out to them.

As we discovered last week, not all were part of the club kid scene of the decade. But there were others to choose from, and it could be safely said that there wasn’t one singular breathing person on the planet’s face – sans a certain Richard and Judy Stover – who did not at least dip a toe into a little known scene coming out of the Seattle…

Now did I just use the same band there twice? I believe I did. But in all honesty, I never felt as if the Mother Love Bone end of their existence received its proper due. So there.

Of course, if that scene didn’t tickle your musical funny bone (or if you simply preferred over-sized rain gear and floppy hats, to flannel and torn jeans), you only needed to look to Manchester, England to find a slightly more refined sound…

The “Madchester scene” as it came to be known, opened the door just enough to allow for yet another British invasion of sorts. An invasion that. also never really received its proper due…

Of course, telling people in the U.S. to kill their television is akin to going to India and asking for a cheeseburger. So while all this madness was being thrown at us from without, we were busy at work creating a bit of it from within as well. In addition to grunge, the indie scene kicked it up a notch in the 90’s, with the aid of some pixies and a chick named Jane…

“So t, did you actually get into all these scenes?” You bet your sweet parachute pant-wearing booty I did! And then some!  But as the 90’s drew to a close, I was back in the states, and I was busy making babies. Babies that would quickly eat up my time, my attention, my love, and – sure as hell – any budget I had previously had in place for new music. As such, I had just one last scene to attend to, before the decade drew to a close.

It was a scene that incorrectly gave the credit to The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. It was scene that would throw its creator, Fishbone, firmly under history’s bus one last time. It was a scene that would eventually die under No Doubt’s steadfast removal of any semblance to what made it fun in the first place. And it was a scene that would give birth to the SKAturday’s I still occasionally make my babies suffer through till today. It was a scene that followed two others like it, (Jamaican and Two Tone), and it was as a result called simply “3rd Wave…”

It would prove to be my final scene, but no worries. It was a good place to hang up my hat of music snobbery, especially when considering what the next decade would eventually bring – or more succinctly – take away from us.


Another Tuesday over at Jen’s Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday, and yes, I did take full advantage of the “two for Tuesday” clause buried deep within the contract. So this week saw a total of (5) scenes, (2) songs per. Plus a helping of Blue Hearts to help make the whole thing go down real smooth-like. Next week we walk into the 00’s, so you’ll be able to see my knowledge of the topic drop to levels lower than the IQ of the average Kei$ha fan… See you then!

18 thoughts on “The Final Scene

  1. I enjoyed your choices this week, even though I had never heard of half of them. I had never realized the connection between Mother Love Bone and Pearl Jam (I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to actual band member names anymore), but it inspired a research rabbit-hole trip that made me realize how interconnected the bands/members from the whole Seattle-scene ended up being. I love it when education happens.

    • And you and I are quite often educated here, aren’t we? Personally, I love it!

      Truth be told, it was a bunch of homeless kids in Okinawa who first introduced me to Mother Love Bone – and trust me, these fans walked the walk!

  2. I really like that song Linda Linda! I wasn’t sure at first, but the chorus is awesome and dancy and just great. I’ve never heard of quite a few of your songs, actually but I’m totally in love with the one from Inspirational Carpets, and freaking iTunes doesn’t have it (instant gratification that I wanted to download it right now) sigh. Thanks for the intro tho!

  3. You have such a great range of music! Now I know why you were psyched about the Blue Meanies. I loved Fishbone too… Ska really did become so pop after a while didn’t it? I had forgotten about Mother Love Bone! Thanks for an awesome list, as usual! Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

    • Jen, that really means a lot, and I’m glad you enjoy my digging through Pop’s basement weeke after week =)

      I gotta tell you, when it came to “the final scene,” it was VERY hard to pick just (2) bands to “represent!”

  4. ( I was about to start with an apology about having such simplistic taste in music*), but I saw Kristi’s comment. lol I totally loved those Blue Heart guys! it’s the energy, I guess just fun to watch and listen to (I also liked Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and then Hepcat fellas).

    Not that I don’t enjoy well crafted, skillfully executed music, I do. But hey, it’s your list… thank you for the reminder that there is a ton of music out there that is still as fun as I remember.

    * in defensitory anticipation of a song list that is so well….integrated, related and tied together and such…

    • No worries Clark – there’s never any offense taken in the world of music snobbery, and I’m glad that The Blue Hearts were to your liking =) I have to tell you as well, until I saw Devo maaaanny years later, these guys put on the BEST concert I had ever been too – with only (4) white lights on stage, AND everyone being required to “stay in their seat” no less!

  5. Ah, Pearl Jam and Jane’s Addiction, I still listen to them. Great list. I’m worried the 2000’s caused everyone’s musical IQ drop some. Not that there isn’t some good music still around. Keisha, umm, not so much. lol.

    • Thank you so much Donetta! And I hate to say that I’m showing my age, but I’m scrounging for the 21st century… No worries, Kei$ha won’t be on it =)

  6. excellent deep cuts

    I didn’t touch on any Jane’s Addiction (one of my favorite bands) or Britpop like Stones Roses, Inspiral Carpets, Blur, Elastica, Suede, etc….

    this is an excellent playlist

    • Dude! I SOOO wanted to include Suede, but I just didn’t know how to squeak them in. I am REALLY hoping that Jen gives us mopey types some face time on a future prompt, and then they’ll be explored, along with The Smiths and some of the more bummed out Bowie – promise!

  7. Interesting. My musical tastes have evolved wholesale from where they were in my younger days. No more Echo and the Bunnymen sort of explorations, no more Frank Zappa or Al Dimeola. Keep on keeping on, T.

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