Have You Ever Had It Blue

Another Friday, another Friday Fictioneers (sorry kids, but I can only submit these when the pictures tell me the story, as this week’s did.) As always, I hope you enjoy what today’s muse whispered into my ear…

Copyright -Anelephantcant

Copyright -Anelephantcant

The chain – well, you could hardly call it that, now could you? – Would’ve never been left draped around his neck in days of old. No, back then he was prized, needed, secured.

He remembered the lad who’d rode him, screaming together down blown-out streets to get messages to the front.

God, he loved that boy. So handsome, so gentle, so fast!

The lad had a good eye, failing him only on that day where “Jerry” had hid in the bell tower.

Lying beside his dying love, he wept while his seat slowly absorbed the blood.

A lifetime ago of course, it was now a mere cherished memory as he sat idly – unloved, unneeded, and most decidedly unchained.


67 thoughts on “Have You Ever Had It Blue

  1. That was just about the most moving anthropomorphisation we’ve had in response to this prompt Troy. Made me want to go out and give my bike a hug… :)

  2. was getting two stories from this, one from the bike and one from the boy..even without him saying a word.
    saying goodbye is never easy and longing is universal, but esp in this piece. You would think unchained would be freeing, sometimes..it just isn’t .


    • Very true Kir – and the use of the chains was what brought the story first alive to me. As some are free without them, others can only be free with them in place.

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    • Thank you Lindaura – I was hoping to write a love story, with none being the wiser… and I am always taken aback when someone finds my work poetic – I appreciate that =)

    • Much thanks! I try very hard to make sure that it doesn’t lean to heavily towards either the dark or the moving, and sometimes I guess I get the balance about right =)

    • Thanks Joe, that’s two so far this week – back-to back no less! – that I feel really proud of. I’m glad you feel the same, and in the future I think I’m going to continue to drill deeper.

    • A feeling deep inside, that found life in a bike instead of biped was all, but I’m glad you enjoyed it =) And if we’re honest, the cycle is much more loyal than the “ped” any day anyway, right?

    • Hahaha, touche Rochelle! But then I would’ve felt compelled to post Les Baxter and (though I love him dearly), most likely would’ve lost the majority of my readership in the process!

  4. Have I ever told you you’re my favorite? You move me Troy. Your story though short proves that there is love in inanimate objects. As writers we have to bring that love to the reader’s attention of course. Very well done. xoxoxoxoxo

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