Sorry Friday Fictioneers, but I’m back…

I can not tell you how good it feels to be participating in Friday Fictioneers once again. And I do NOT say that simply as a blatant suck-up to Rochelle. No, it just does my heart good to be able to once again create off of someone else’s creativity. And then have the pleasure of seeing what everyone else in turn, also created from the same prompt.

OK, fine. I suppose it also is a little bit of a suck-up to Rochelle.

That being said, here’s my 100:

Copyright - Claire Fuller

Copyright – Claire Fuller

Leading me down the long dark hall, we tumbled into a white, bright room. One filled with miles upon miles of books, each a story, unique unto itself. While strolling I noticed one – not the oldest by far – simply entitled “Eden.”

“Now why’s that here?” I wondered to myself.

Knowing, he responded, “Must it not be? Could there be any others before or after, without it?”

“Then where is mine, sir?” I entreated, upset by its absence.

“Ah, yours,” He chuckled. “Yours is still being written, my child. It will only be placed upon the shelf, after you’ve completed it.”


I’ve been through a bit of a rough patch as of late and to be certain, the above resulting 100 could have easily been 1,000 or more words to fill in all the gaps. Suffice to say, the moral of this story is simply that I am still writing mine. The book is not yet closed, and as such, the song below makes for me at least, the perfect way to end today’s post.


(yes k~, with green wings)

63 thoughts on “Sorry Friday Fictioneers, but I’m back…

  1. Your stories are brief but has much more impact than even some novels I read! Oh, T, I hope all goes well with your life. There’s a lot of bumps we hit in life, but I know that everything always becomes better in the end :) And did I ever mention my obsession with Queen? This song is one of my absolute favorites because it always gives me hope that Sammy will fly one day and spread his wings ;)

    • Ah! Big Fish! One of my favorites, and under my new living arrangements, one I can finally watch again =)

      I’m honored that you felt my post was similar in its nature, m’dear!

    • Let’s hope not too many – there’s nothing worse than a story that goes on too long, with a main character who can be pretty boring at times…
      Thank you =)

  2. Dear t,
    Welcome back. No need to suck up, you may just kiss my ring. ;).
    Sorry about your rough spot. Hope things are better. You’ve been missed nonetheless. I enjoyed your story this week. A lot of truth in it.

    • Careful with the ring – I just might steal the stone!

      Things aren’t better yet, but they will be. I will make sure of that, and I am glad that I was missed – it does my heart good to know it, Rochelle =)

  3. I enjoyed your story a lot and feel much like you, that my book continues to be written. Too damn many plot twists lately – the heroine is getting weary of having to learn new things. Welcome back!

    • But learn new things we must, right? I’m getting ready to learn all over almost everything I already knew when I was young and single. Here’s hoping my now older bones are up to the task!

    • Thanks Trudy – it was my sneak-peeking through the titles, ultimately finding “Eden,” that gave me the inspiration. I hope you enjoy finishing your book!

  4. This is much how I imagine it will be – in some way. I hope it is very long day before your story is finished, and it is a very satisfying one at that. I am sorry to hear about your rough patch, but then, we don’t always understand our experiences, but hopefully come out better for them. I hope that is true in your case. Hold strong, T.

    • And I hope the same for you Debra, honest n’ true.
      Not to long ago I realized that while I’ve been writing, it has been more a task than a treasure. I need to flip that mentality, so that I don’t lose even more of what it is I’m trying to enjoy. I may not understand the experience, but I’ll be gosh-darnedical if I don’t come out of it a better person =)

    • Ah yes, understanding is exactly the pickle I’m currently stumbling over. Thank you for your well-wishes, and here’s hoping that they come to fruition soon!

  5. I, for one, am sooo glad you came back today…if not, we couldn’t have had our coincidence over at my blog. That kind of stuff is just priceless. I want to write a post about it. See, I’m inspired. It definitely made me smile. Great stuff here. I love the thought of coming into a room stacked with books a mile high. That’s a great visual. If everyone had a book of his/her life, what would it say?

    • Isn’t that crazy? I’m still reeling over your telepathic stalkertude!

      And yes, we all do have a book. The words are put in there, partially by life alone, and in reaction to, by us. While co-authors we may be with life however, I do believe (possibly naively) that we have the sole responsibility of whether it will be a happy ending or sad.

      Thanks for popping over – now stop mentally spying on me! =)

  6. brilliant ^^ so glad i got to read this today. this story’s powerful and radiates so much optimism. and you took the prompt to another level. great :)

  7. My exact response to your post is as follow: “Phew!” No more. No less. Sums it up perfectly. WB to the blogoverse t. I’ve missed your writing.

    • Ah, but there’s the rub Joe – if we pay attention to the scene set before us, we can write the exact words we want to appear on the page. This is something I am learning – pay attention to the scene.

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