For those of you who follow my other blog as well, I swear this newish topic will not become “a thing.” The 100 words that appear below just happen to be where this week’s 100 Word Song prompt led me to, OK?

I hope you enjoy =)


As he lay there dying, a tear came to Lou’s eye while remembering the pet-name he’d used. The idea that she was his “sweetheart,” now led him to wonder how he’d ever been so young, so naive.

That sort of thinking doesn’t keep love alive, and in the end she left him for another, a foreigner. Lou spent the rest of his years living on, but missing her often, and deeply.

So the hand that he’d dreamt would be holding his at this moment, was now happily living abroad. And with his last breath, Lou finally came to accept that.


This week’s song was chosen by Carrie: “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers

32 thoughts on “Briefly…

  1. I have come to love that song more with every play (and it’s played A LOT here on the east coast)
    “Came to accept that” , it reminds me of the cliche, “just because I have to do it, doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

    it was a heartbreaking hundred words t. (Hug)

  2. Hi, darling boy. Ok. Loved the song. The story was not your best work–maybe too close for comfort. I am so used to you being EXTRAORDINARY and POWERFUL, that when you are “very good,” it’s not good enough for me. You are nothing short of amazing with words when you are on fire. P. S. LOVE the new photo.

    • Hi Fay, and thank you for your kind critique.

      You have a point – this one cut pretty close to the bone for me, and in the final analysis, that might have affected my ability to tell the tale in the fashion I had hoped. Here’s hoping next weeks song will bring images of love instead of loss!

      Thanks also for the photo love – however misguided it might be =)

      • Sweetheart, I told you once before, your vulnerability and wordsmithing make you a prince charming. Just because you have a cute mug, too, well, that’s just icing on the cake. Live, Laugh, Love. It’s all we’ve got in this life.

        • Hahaha! Prince Charming, WITH a cute mug? I must be a real hit with the ladies…!

          Live, Laugh, Love – thank you, I’ll take seconds on all three =)

  3. I love to see your gentle face; the gravatar is very nice.

    Hmmm… well I’ve never been one to mince words so here goes. I don’t care for the story, but then I didn’t like the song either. I am pretty careful what kind of lyrical influences I let it. If the lyrics are negative, I don’t listen, and I don’t respond. shrugs I have enough of my own dancing demons to tend to without letting (or inviting) others in with their music in hand.

    • Thank you k~! My daughter took the picture and she seems to always bring out my pretty side =)

      Thank you also for the critique – I would have been upset had you said nothing in lieu of your truth. Please never feel bad in telling me how you feel – it does my heart good that you do. And for the record, this isn’t one of my favorites either, but one I did want to own the words of, just once.

  4. I feel like this was a very honest, bare bones nod to the fact that life doesn’t always work out the way we had planned or hoped for, and heartbreak does happen. And still you live on. I tell you what though, the part about not having the hand to hold made my heart hurt so now I have to find something uplifting to listen to on the way to work…

  5. This reminded me of Pablo Neruda’s “Tonight I can write”, Have you read it? If not check it out, I think this post relates to it a lot.

    And I love that song. :)


  6. I’m a little late to the party, not that I’m a snob… just busy. So we’ve both pulled back the curtain a bit it seems. Nice mug. Agreeing the story was not your best, but glad to have you back in the game. “missing her often and deeply” I like very much. Deeply is a wonderful word when used in the right spot. I am deeply thrilled you are writing more than I can catch up on. See what I did there…

    • It’s good to e back home =] And no, there are no “bad” Lou’s (or Lance’s or Troy’s, for that matter), just regular folk making decisions. Some bad, some good, some just odd…

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