Post 300: Stranger Things…

ed. note: this was originally slated to appear on Monday, as that was actually my 300th post. Sadly, unforeseen events precluded this from occurring; but I’ve no regrets about the decision to postpone, nor the post that took this one’s place.

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“Yes Clive?”

“He’s forgotten about us, hasn’t he?”

“Clive, my friend, no. It’s worse than all that – he’s given up on us.”

“Why’d he do that?”

“I don’t know, my friend, I do not know. I suppose it could be said that it’s because one of us just struck too close to home, and the other, well not nearly enough to make a lock-tight and firm connection. Then again my friend, it might have just been that he never did have a real story formulated in the first place – no game plan to speak of, ya dig?”

“I suppose. But it was coming together Douglas! Well, somewhat any way. I mean there were ideas there – seeds. He even went so far as to research the proper name to be used for Tia; you know, in order to set up the ending. All that had to mean something, right? Right?”

“Clive, it only ever means anything if the writer doesn’t give up. He gave up, plain n’ true. Leaving you, me, Tia and all the rest in the dust. Just another amateur hack job story, collecting dust on the interwebs my friend, that’s all we are now.”

“But I could see how it was going to play out. How I was going to win in the end. How we were going to figure out exactly what you actually were.”

“But do you?”

“Do I what?”

“Do you know what I actually am?”

“Ummm, no.”

“See, neither did he, Clive. Neither did he.”

“So he gave up?”

“Clive, my man, I suppose he did.”


“Yes Clive?”

“Will I ever see you again?”

“You might. I mean he does have a daughter, right? And she’s a true and gifted writer. She may just someday find us, dust us off, and give it another go. Who knows, my friend? Stranger things have happened before.”

“Yes Douglas, stranger things have…”

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Listen, I don’t really “do” numbers. All but two of my forty-three birthdays have swam past with barely a notice. But for whatever reason, in Blogsville I’m always attentive to the “00” posts. I’ve no idea why, but they always seem the hardest to write, the easiest to muck up – evidence as to whether I’m an actual writer, or just some sort of “wanna-be housewife” with too much time on my hands, and a hollow dream in my head. As you can see from the above conversation, I have always felt fairly bad about running out on the boys, and decided to take the opportunity of using Post 300 to sort of apologize to them for doing so.

As with the other “00’s,” I want to thank you for coming along on my ride with me. It has been possibly the single most expanding experience I have had in learning just who in the hell I am, and I’m glad to have been able to share it with you all here =)


PS: sometimes the most marvelous things can be found by simply throwing a random phrase into the Youtube search bar. As such, here’s Local Natives with – strangely enough – “Stranger Things.”

17 thoughts on “Post 300: Stranger Things…

  1. Yes, I feel bad for the boys, but then we all have our orphans. It’s not too bad when they don’t have names, but once you know who they are…it really feels like abandonment. A toast to your 00. I’ve never really taken notice of my numbers, maybe I should. I’ll make it a New Year’s resolution to actually look. Have a great holiday.

    ps…you might want to take a look at yesterday’s music blog. I think you might like the selection.

  2. I really hope to see a book published by you one day :) You’re really one of the most incredible writers I know of here :D And hardly a “wanna-be houswife” with too much time ahaha! You definitely more of a writer :)

  3. Oh no you don’t…YOU are not giving up on your book and I am the perfect person to tell you so! get back to it… if not for you then for all of your readers! I truly hate being bossy (well maybe I love it) especially this time of year….but you happen to be one of the best writers! Now get back to the boys, damn it!

  4. Oh t you ARE a writer. You are. Don’t give up on your stories. Those words that swirl around in your mind, snatch them up when you. Enter them in a notebook. Keep them with you. They will become whole stories. I know this to be true, because it’s what I do. Even one word, or one photo, or painting can become an entire story. It may not come to me right away, but when it does, baby watch out! The same happens with you. You are a far better writer than I am. What you write has substance. Mine is all romance and silliness. Happy 300 my friend. Here’s to 300 more!

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