To Sir… With Love.

Copyright -Claire Fuller

Copyright -Claire Fuller

You have nothing?

Yes sir.


Err, I meant “no sir…” no, sir.

No occupational status?

No sir.

Valid credit implants?

No… sir.

Spousally designated partner?


Biological offspring?



NO. No sir.

What is your current worth to society, citizen?

Zero, sir.

And to your non-existent family?


And yourself?

Well, a great deal, actually sir! You see I…


Err, I meant “zero sir…” Zero.

You’ll be liquefied at the food distribution workshop, nourishing the citizenry while realizing at least a small profit against your zero value. Is this understood?

No sir.


Yes sir. I meant… yes, sir.


Written in response to both this week’s Friday Fictioneers and (my first time EVER!) Velvet Verbosity prompts. Please also take the time to check out my “second to last” honest-to-Goshicles blog post (shared with my dear friend, Elena Caravela), located here.

My last (honest-to-Goshicles as well, of course!) post is coming soon.

47 thoughts on “To Sir… With Love.

    • Very true! And as I mentioned to Sandra, the whole thing was very Gilliam in my head (a panel of faceless lab coats, sitting high above a disheveled white-smocked citizen, one recently screwed by those around him into being of no further value). I hope at least some of that came across =)

  1. Soylent green is people! PEEEEEEEOOOOPLE!!!!
    Just had to get that out of my system, darling.
    I’m not writing this week, but I’d love it if you’d drop by my blog for a second anyway, I posted a big announcement today

  2. Dear Troy,

    Why has no one said it yet? “Soylent Green is people!!!!!!!!” There, I feel so much better now. This is creepalicious with a pinch of Logan’s Run thrown in for seasoning. ;) To Sir With Love is one of my all time favorite movies and songs. Good one.



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