The Image of Freedom

I hadn’t thought that I would ever reblog before, but then I came across this. Posting it on Veterans Day seemed only right.
My deepest thanks to all of you who served.


Have you ever wondered how freedom looks like? We are so used to be free that we take it for granted…

On April 13th 1945, a division of American soldiers was ordered to investigate a train abandoned by German soldiers near a concentration camp. The train was packed with Jewish families: over 2,500 people – men, women and children. The Germans were about to move them to a new concentration camp.

The Americans were able to release them all, and the photo below was taken by Major Clarence L. Benjamin, who participated in this operation.

This is the image of freedom.


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memyselfandela, 2012

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6 thoughts on “The Image of Freedom

      • So, in many ways, i was predestinated to show you that it really makes sense to DO things you swore or considered you will never do…
        Many years ago I swore I will never learn German. Guess what, not only that I did, but I also LOVE IT. Now I get back to the day I said NEVER and smile and think “God, how STUPID i was back then”…

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