Fast food is important to the life of a family.


If you’re anything like us, it’s usually served up as a result of a special occasion and/or extra money being available. It’s important to the parents because it usually means there is extra money is available (a sight rarely seen), and it’s important to the kids because; well, because it’s fast food.


And it sometimes comes with a toy.


Wendy’s in particular is a current hit with my family, and yes, (among other things) it’s because the burgers are square. C is a vegetarian, so her willingness to go on these family outings is extra proof of her devotion. To be clear, while a vegetarian in nature, she does partake in an annual Italian sausage, provided by one of the various summer festivals we attend.┬áBut really, how could she not?


When we have the opportunity to have fast food, we also take the opportunity to break all (most) of the rules.

We eat on the floor instead of the table.

We watch TV.

We eat with our fingers instead of silverware (well, that last one doesn’t count so much as far as breaking a rule goes – i mean, whoever heard of eating a burger and fries with utensils? Please don’t tell me if you’re one of the ones who does…).

In short, we make an event out of celebrating an event – we make the extra money go an extra long way.


Fast food is important to the life of a family – to the life of my family.

It’s pretty yummy as well.