Turn to stone

Cut, cut, snip, snip.

I do apologize Friday Fictioneers, but even after many excursions into word removal operations, I was still unable to obtain the solid 100 word count I usually aim for, without losing the entire flow of this week’s story.

Yes, assuming that there is any flow to this week’s story in the first…

Hope you enjoy =)

Copyright -Kent Bonham

Copyright -Kent Bonham

I’ll never make it up there, daddy.

Yes you will.

It’s too high.

Not too high dear. Besides, you’ve those outcroppings to pull upon.

It’s scary tall.

But only until you reach the top. Then it’s open, fresh.

Like our old place?

Like our old place.

Daddy, can’t we go back there?

No dear, they tore it down.

I liked it.

Me too, but life doesn’t always give what we like. You’ll grow to enjoy here too.

Will I be able to play here?

Not once we reach the top, you know that.

Then we just sit and watch?

Yes, when we reach the top, we sit and watch. Like all good gargoyles do, dear.