This mash-up brought to you by Trifecta’s very last one-word challenge, followed by Inspiration Monday‘s prompt. Both of which in turn were inspired by The Replacements, of course…

Picture11-1                                      vw-inmonpromo

The heels clicked smugly against hardwood, to satisfy her feeling victorious.

Never deeming a backward glance required – relishing with blind dispassion his devastation over losing her – as such, she never glimpsed the ball-peen rushing towards her head.



My take on the political landscape in exactly 100 words.

Here’s this weeks 100 Word Song.

And here is the most random factoid that WP has ever decided I need to know:

Thank you BYB and the rest of oHIo for turning the tide. Today is a lot brighter as a result of the choice you made last night.