A testament to my bad parenting, I feel it’s important to note that my youngest has befriended a “Thank You!” Balloon we received about a week ago, which was sent as a result of our buying a new car.┬áHe has been hand & hand – well, more “hand & string” – with it ever since.

I believe he’s named it Allen.

Here’s this week’s 100 Word Song.

And since I couldn’t just get off the fence about which version I liked better, here’s Take 2.

6/2, pt 2

“I stepped in, to a burnin’ ring of fire…”

One of many a song that i heard the remake of before i experienced the original. And when that happens, both the remake and the original suffer.

The remake obviously is injured because a bit of its perceived “genius” is lost forever the moment the original is heard.

Similarly, the original suffers because it usually sounds a little “less than” when compared to it’s faster, louder and slicker imitator.

Quite often however, it’s the listener that suffers most. A little slap in the face – when you realize that this song isn’t actually “yours” at all, but rather must be shared with a different place and time altogether – that can sting quite a bit. Never mind the fact that when you don’t hear the original first, you kinda miss – well – hearing the original first.

“I stepped in, to a burnin’ ring of fire…”

Sorry Johnny, but i still hear the Social D. version everytime i play this one on my mental radio.