7/31 Quitter

i know i don’t normally post on the weekends, but today is a very special day for me. Today marks my second year of being a “Quitter”.

butt-free for 2 years!

i wrote the below as a facebook “note” after i had first completed my cessation program, and am re-posting it today in honor of my new-found freedom. If you’re thinking about becoming a Quitter, then get help, get determined and get going! And PLEASE, read the note about the plastic ciggie – it really was a Lifesaver…


12 weeks ago…

…I decided to do something I never thought would happen – I decided to undo something I never thought would happen 22 years ago.

I decided to quit smoking.

And here are some random thoughts that popped into my noodle during this time:

• I used the gum this time. I wasn’t successful with patches last time round, but in retrospect, I don’t think I was chewing them correctly.

• They said that you may have occasional depression. By “occasional” they mean about 22 hours out of every day for the first month or so.

• “Occasional” also applies to paranoia.

• Paranoia sometimes really IS based on reality.

• I’m really proud of how well C deals with “Withdrawal t”.

•Thanking God that I don’t have to give up “triggers” such as sex, coffee, sex, booze and sex.

• Laugh if you will, but creating a plastic “cigarette” really helps if you’re addicted to the physical process of smoking as well.

• Days seem a lot longer (sometimes good, sometimes bad) when you’re not waiting for your next fix.

• Ex-smokers are still the worst – but while I used to hate their superior attitude, now I realize that a portion of it is because they are secretly longing after that glowing rod in your hand.

• my little brother will now make a “glowing rod” joke.

• I’m really proud of how well my children deal with “Withdrawal Daddy”.

• I’ve kept my quitting a secret from most everybody to help avoid pressure. And no one who knew (I’m guessing everyone) has ever let on that they knew.

• They said you should take the extra money you now have from not buying cigarettes and get something nice for yourself…

• …but in so doing, I found out that I never actually had the money to buy cigarettes in the first place.