Of Lillies & Remains

When the message first came over, I assumed that he was going to ask for a copy of “Sap…” in addition to the “Old Punk” I had already dropboxed him. Honestly, even after all my whining and pining, it never once occurred to me that Lance was actually reaching out in order to have me select this weeks 100 Word Song (!!!!!!!)

I hope that you will once again consider my invitation to jump in with the 100 Word fun – if nothing else, it will someday provide you with the same opportunity to post your favorite Bauhaus song…


A continuation from the past two weeks, here’s my 100. Enjoy!


A flicker of an eyelid was how long ago it happened, and how long it took.

I opened my eyes slowly, to make sure that they wouldn’t fall out when I did. Fearful of making movements too quickly, I next drew my tongue across my teeth. Odd, they felt cleaner than they should have. Funny how your mind distracts you with idiocy right when your world is exploding in your face.

Peripherally I glanced over at her, to see thick red life oozing from her mouth. The air smelled a hint of lilies. I whispered “Kathy…?” There was no answer.