Peculiar Time

I’ve been absent. I’m sorry.

I’ll probably be absent again. I’ll most likely be sorry then as well, but it’ll similarly most likely happen anyway.

I’m here today because my dear friend Tara called me out on The 100 Word Challenge, and as she was nice enough to believe in me, I feel as if I owe her a response. And here it is.

As always, I hope you enjoy…



The faded photo tittered unsteadily in aged hands, maudlin vibrations causing battered corners to softly crumble.

Within the picture, white teeth bursting through long-ago smiles had since bled unbeknownst, merging with yellowing faces now almost unrecognizable.

Drawing an unsure digit against each countenance, he confidently said aloud the name of his children in turn, sniffle-coughs blubbering occasionally interrupting.

The nurse, concerned over his heaving chest, attempted to remove the instigator from his grasp, beginning a struggle she just couldn’t win.

Victorious, he returned to his slack-jawed reverie, wistfully gazing. The photo was peculiar; the photo was all he had left.


21 thoughts on “Peculiar Time

  1. In death we have love and memories and, yes, photographs! Funny how, in the end, the material possessions, the shiny baubles, don’t really matter. What seems to matter most is Love. Thanks for an excellent 100 word story.

    • And thank you for reading along and enjoying. Death comes in many fashions remember, but you are right, in all of them, I think the baubles end up meaning the least.

  2. Moving and sad in a well-written way… I’m glad Tara coaxed you into the challenge. I disappear, too, for months on end and then return for a post, and disappear again. I get that.

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