Briefly… My Last 100 Words

Is this my last post? I can’t really tell, but I do know that I couldn’t leave without visiting – at least just once more – the beautiful skies of our 100 Word Song:


M’desk is standing-height. I wanna crawl underneath it, to hide from Him.

I wanna crawl underneath, but it’s too high, providin’ no space small enough to feel safe.

I wanna crawl underneath, despite His sayin’ that everything’s finally becoming as it shoulda always been… as it never coulda been till now.

I crave to crawl underneath, as His reassurances only cause to pain me more.

My wings’re becoming unbound. Stretchin’, flexin’, impatient to be tried. Not on m’own account, but simply cuz the time is Now.

I wanna crawl underneath. But doing so’s pointless, tain’t nothing can hamper my Flight now…


15 thoughts on “Briefly… My Last 100 Words

  1. After working so hard for your wings, so that you could fly, and now you want to hide? (grabs hold of your hand and your shirt and drags you out from under the desk)… there’ that’s better. ;-) Love you.

  2. I hope this isn’t your last post. You’re catching yourself in a new stride. A new chapter, no, a new story of your life. Keep writing, my dear, wonderful, compassionate, loving, generous, sincere, beautiful friend. What a loss it would be to not have you continue writing! Your loss as much as ours…As my Gram used to say, “I love you…more.”

  3. no matter where you go I’ll be there…you can fly (you should, you can, you will…FLY) but you can’t hide my friend.
    Love you. xo

  4. I have missed you. Now that I know where you are hiding, I’ll have to come by and pull you out more often. Love the accent btw.

    And why on earth (or under a desk for that matter!) Would you ever stop writing?

  5. I hope there are thousands more of your words, here, or wherever.

    Thank you for this emotional, honest 100. Reading you is a honor and a pleasure.

  6. This was a beautiful read. I hope this isn’t your last post. Thank you for your kind words on my post. They mean a lot. I hope your flight takes you to brilliant places.

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