The Looming Sunshine…

They sat on the porch, together.

They sat on the porch, quietly. He invested deep within his book, and she, equally so in hers. Not a word was spoken, nor a head even raised as I walked briskly by. They were each totally engrossed within their own little worlds alone, but together.

The porch they sat on was not nearly big enough for the two of them, let alone their large-format print books, nor the cat that apparently shared their life. So to make space, he at least scampered down onto the lawn just before I arrived, stalking about almost as if to imply that he too was looking for a book in order ignore the rest of the world with. 

The scene got me to thinking randomly (don’t they all?) and what I got to thinking randomly about was this:

Have you ever been engrossed with a book?

One written expertly, with characters so alive that you could almost pinch them, and a story line so well crafted that you could swear it was divined, instead of merely written?

And then all of a sudden, smack dab deep within the goodness and glory of that book, the whole thing turns rather sour, with the Author making you read through page after page of utterly distasteful activities and scenarios.

You read on, because you know that surely the Author didn’t suddenly lose all their skill, talent and story-writing ability. You’re certain that the Author simply MUST be forcing you through this section – most usually occurring shortly after the chapter that follows the halfway mark – in order to teach you something critical about the characters in this tale.

You’re certain of it but still, with each page passed, you keep glimpsing forward anxiously, wondering when the chapter will end, hoping that the next will bring you back to the delightful yarn that you had been enjoying so much so up until this point. You’d even read a short stanza or two from the pages to follow, and you know that it’s soon enough to be true, just after you can slog through this one black sheep of a bastardly and evil, yet wholly required chapter, first.

That in a nutshell, it suddenly occurs to me friends, is where I find my life right about now. But just for exactly right about now. Having worked my way through most of the chapter I wish I could have skipped altogether, I can see the number of pages remaining continue to dwindle. And while that does cause me extreme joy, it also gnaws on me, similar to the clawing cat that knows with desperation that it’s losing its litter-encrusted grip upon you. I keep finding myself having to fight the urge to try to read faster, or skip whole pages, for I know that I can do neither anyway. I must wait patiently and read through to the very last word.

The next chapter is already looming bright, begging to greet me with open arms and sunshine. But it can not start in earnest until this one first ends.

And sadly that, word by bloody distasteful word…


11 thoughts on “The Looming Sunshine…

    • I will never be able to properly express how much I love your writing style Marian, so a compliment from you isn’t taken lightly.

      Thank you my dear, and please, never skip ahead – I’ve found that some of the best things and people in life, are lying in wait right in the midst of the worst times of the story. Heaven forbid we rush ahead and miss out on embracing them!

  1. you are so incredibly thoughtful and mindful that I read you and nod. My heart fills up reading you and knowing that you are edging toward that end of chapter, of sad story, of disappointment.

    You are so right, you know, that in order to turn the pages we must get through the bad places, we must read the words even if they tear us apart and move beyond them.

    your piece today is full of the hope of that moving beyond my friend. XO

    • The good news is that the sad story only started out that way. For a while I have felt the sun creeping into my life, and while I used to have to search for it blindly – having chosen to voluntarily live under someone else’s self-serving shadow, the light is sound bright now that I couldn’t hide from it if I tried!

      Thanks for liking my piece Kir – it was intended for people exactly like us =)

  2. There are no abandoned chapters in life. Back story, history, setting the stage and moving forward with each step of the journey engrained in our hearts, that is life, character, and a really important chapter, in a fantastic story. I’ve been reading this book all along, and I will read each and every page until the new series begins, with a smile, knowing that it will all be worth having been there, for a chapter that might have been edited out, if the author only could.

    • k~, I love you. I love that you’ve been reading all along – even the whiny pissy bits. Especially the whiny pissy bits. Thank you for sharing this journey with me, I’m a better man as a result >.<

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