Living Our Dream

Second week in a row for my 100 Word Song and Light And Shade mash-up. They both had a very similar spirit, and I hope I was able to capture it correctly…

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Shrugging the tuxedo jacket on gingerly, Val noticed the smallest of sections was threadbare. None would notice, but this coming-out party was important for Pat, and Val felt everything should be perfect.

Pat didn’t care though, and remained delighted that they’d been able to even find Val a vintage suit correctly sized. Smiling while pulling stockings over freshly-painted nails, Pat decided that optimism was the magnet to pull them through this night, this life, together.

Opening the car door for her – as gentlemen do – Pat waited until Val buckled, before anxiously closing it. Tonight was to be special, and he couldn’t wait to start.


Light & Shade Challenge:

Optimism is like a spiritual magnet 

– Anna Massey

100 Word Song Prompt:

14 thoughts on “Living Our Dream

  1. I really love these two…they are perfect for each other:) And i love that Pat is such gentleman too…opening the car door for her:) Excellently done, t. xx

    • Every now and then I get off my “love is dead because I’m getting divorced” horse long enough to imagine that love isn’t dead in fact. It’s sorta my thing =)

  2. That is such a hopeful story with some very interesting layers – I hope the night was perfect for them. Thank you for dipping in to Light and Shade Challenge Lyssa M x

    • And thank you for having me, Lyssa! As is, their night out is only now just beginning, but I am fairly certain that it will be as perfect fro them as they are for each other =)

  3. I like the style and tone of this story because it is so different what you usually write. You’ve always been my dark, shadowy brother in nourish arms.

    Thanks for playing 100 word song. It means a lot to me.

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