I Don’t Want To Go

mixtape-jenkehl1-300x300Listen, I’m terrible with good byes.

I’m much more of a “won’t you stay just a drink longer?” type of person. You know, assuming the one I’m asking is worth the question being asked.

And Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday is very much worth it. I’ll miss you kids, and again Jen, thank you so much for creating this special place and time for us to share.

Now, let’s get this goodbye thing over with, before I lose it, David Tennant style…

8 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Go

  1. You have always had a piece of my heart since you joined in so long ago. Please…get yourself a new computer because we will come back in the fall with a once a month link up that won’t suck the life out of me. Or you.
    You are amazing, I love these songs. The classics have a special place in my heart.
    And now I will forever see you as that Dr Who clip. It is too perfect my friend.

    • Jen, I only give what I get. You know this.

      And yes, I will hopefully have a new ‘puter by the time we re-adjourn so that I can visit the other posters and play along full time!

      I’ll keep your heart piece safe – promise =)

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