Thirty-three Words…

Rationed to my life,

If that was all I’d left,

I wouldn’t need but four.

To profess, between yester ‘n today,

My feelings respecting you.

Breathing dear, my last

“I love you more.”



Hellbent on going out on a high (and ball-peen free) note, I used the crux of the Trifecta challenge – as shown with today’s post title – by using “Thirty-three words,” as my prompt for this week’s free, and final, Trifecta Writing Challenge.

Coming in relatively late to the game (and YES – admittedly still bellyaching over never having won a week =) ), I really did enjoy my time with the Trifecta community, and wish you all the very best.

25 thoughts on “Thirty-three Words…

    • Thank you Christine – I was hoping for it to have a “caressing of the cheek, laying a finger upon lips” sort of feel to it – I’m glad to hear that it sounds like I was able to pull it off somewhat in the 33 max limit!

  1. I love that song, I tap my feet and snap my fingers and sing all the lyrics when it comes on because it’s happy and hopeful and wonderful.
    “I love you more” actually reminds me of my mom. That is what we say to one another as long as I can remember…”Love you mom!” ..”Love you more Kirst” or “Love you Kirsten-gal” …”love you more mom”
    and those words in the light of our loss and gains lately mean so much to me.
    I love you t, my friend. This was just beautiful.

    • I love you too, Kir, and I’m thinking of you and yours especially during this time. Remember to keep tapping – you know he’d be upset if you didn’t =)

  2. Definitely got the ‘caressing of the cheek’ down, Troy! Lovely and I love the little rhyme of left and profess. Hope to catch you around the ‘net : )

  3. Hey Troy,great to see your writing again and loving it too:-)Beautiful sentiment here and I agree:-)Glad to have met you and super glad that we keep bumping into each other on FF ,SE and am sure other writing challenges-stay blessed and all the best :-)

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