This is NOT a President’s Day Post

In fact, it’s not really a post at all actually, but rather, a recent facebook status update I made. One that I feel should be thrown into a larger web of the social media. One that, with a singular simple addition of a word (and more than a whole slew of singular edits), I feel will work pretty danged well for this week’s Trifecta Writing Challenge:

FUNK (noun)  3 :  SLUMP  <an economic funk>  <the team went into a funk>

Picture11-1While struggling to swallow my latest fit of depression tonight at work, I met a mom who had really nice kids, and pretty sweet tats. As these things transpire, in conversation I found out that each tattoo represented one of the children. As she explained each in turn, I learned that the child whom I thought the most mature (a birthday boy JUST turned twelve who simply HAD to have Minecraft merch to celebrate properly), was born with autism. But it was his sister who stole my heart and gave me hope, in that at no more than 10 years old, she knew that she was transgender – a knowledge held since six years of age according to the mom. To date, she is the youngest transgender person I believe I have ever met.

While mom shared with me that her daughter was treated very poorly by her classmates and the school, the girl that stood before me was still a happy, well-adjusted kid. One who knew and was comfortable with whom she was, and (from my vantage point) well-loved by her family. Including her baby brother, whom she could not carry correctly, even had he come with instructions sewn in. Seeing them all (four kids and one mom with pretty sweet tats) woke me up out of my self-imposed pity-party over my current (and hopefully temporary) funk, to the idea that there are still a LOT of really good people out there. People who love without condition. People who would rather build each other up, then tear each other down. People who can, willingly I would assume, love something much bigger than only themselves.

I’m glad that that mom, her kids, and her sweet tats came in tonight. I’m glad to know that they exist out there. This world is five people better off as a result.


Admittedly, the song chosen today has absolutely not one singular thing to do with the post, but honestly, how many challenges come along that provide you with the *perfect* cue to end with this gem?

16 thoughts on “This is NOT a President’s Day Post

  1. There are some lovely people out there but there also more than a lot not so nice people. The trick is attaching yourself to the good ones, once you’ve found them.
    LOvely read
    ALly :)

  2. The Clash can get anyone out of a funk. I just want you to know there are people thinking about you. I met with a mutual writing friend of ours last week and we discussed you. Hang in there.
    also, this was brilliantly written

  3. I loved this Troy. A lesser person wouldn’t have been as perceptive or as appreciative as you were about this mom and her kids. A lesser person wouldn’t even think about the world being a better place because of the good people in it. And from my point of view-the world needs more like you. Your piece spoke to me as well because I’m working on the design for my first tattoo, which I want done on my wrist, to put in ink how much I love my daughter Amy:)

    • I don’t know what to say Valerie. Thank you. I’m honored that you would feel that way. Truly.

      And please, I would LOVE to see your tattoo once complete – much like everything else, the ones done for love are ALWAYS the best.

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