Copyright – Janet Webb

Copyright – Janet Webb

She look better now?


You had a few drinks. Does she look better now?

I suppose… maybe a touch?

So, she might be your type?

Maybe? But listen, I’m not really in the…

Oh yeah you are. They ALL are.

Are what?

“In tha market.”

Honestly, I’m really quite…

Happy? Yeah, they all think that too. But that’s only cuz you haven’t met “The One” yet.

I really don’t think that I need…

Oh yeah, you do. You ALL do.

Say… what’s your game anyway? Are you some sort of devil or something?

Devil? I’m no devil chump. I’m freakin’ Cupid.


Combining the cocktail with the woman seen “through it,” I decided to have just a bit of fun with this week’s Friday Fictioneer prompt, in honor of what is possibly the most non-sensical holiday we have as a species. I hope you enjoyed!

66 thoughts on “Chokehold

  1. bwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha ya caint sell me shit (oh sh*t I have been being such a schmuck…now, can i just slink away or do I have to mention it aloud –while not knowing yet how to correct it?)

  2. Hmmm “the one”…as oppose to all the others that are not? To make a deliberate decision, isn’t that asking a lot in February? I’m just saying…Love your post AND….
    …Happy Valentine’s Day T-Bone!

  3. You should get a t-shirt with a drunk looking cherub on it with the inscription “I’m Freaking Cupid!” on it. You get that one for free. Go make a million bucks.

    • It might have been one many of us have had with ourselves – regardless of with whom we argued, how we wished that we had fought back just a little harder, right?

  4. I’m glad cupid came to play. By the final third of the dialogue, I was becoming curious as to the identity of the first speaker. The reveal did not disappoint. (I wonder though, does this cupid have a bifurcated tail?

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