Whether she’s realized it or not, Tori has always been there for me during my darkest hours. Not necessarily doing anything to pull me out of the gloom per say, but there for me none the less.

Similarly, the 100 Word Song family has seen me through some pretty tough times as well. So, when I realized that they had joined forces this week, I decided to come out of my flash fiction song prompt hibernation, and play along.

It’s good to be back 100 Word Songers – I hope you enjoy…


It happened again.

I dreamt of being loved… of being cherished.

Of all the dreams, these are the worst. Of all the nightmares, the frights, these are the ones that cripple my nights.

Unlike reality, in the dream she stayed. She meant it. She didn’t have others.

Unlike reality, there weren’t arguments, nor struggles, nor threats of flight.

Unlike reality, she was still breathing when I awoke.

I awoke to the guards calling my name, ushering me distractedly from general population back into solitary.

They think I’m alone in there, but those damned dreams can follow through.

Those damned dreams always do.


15 thoughts on “Briefly…

  1. I think we all dream of that, love that lasts, being treasured and cherished.
    You know!

    I liked the way she stays with the character even when others think he’s alone . Your mind can be a buddy in that way, a savior instead of a distraction.

  2. t~ powerful read. I have to say that unlike Kir, if I had not read that he killed her, in your post to her, I would not have known. Partly because of the relation to the song/singer who is still very much alive. :-)

    • I never saw the connection before k~, but do you think it has something to do with the the “Tori-based” intro? I always struggle with being descriptive enough, but not so blatant as to be boring – you know? Please feel free to message me with your thoughts my dear – thank you =)

  3. I caught on as I read general population. I know how hard a 100 words can be, and you did this very well. The dream-real sequences were well written, so don’t worry. I’m glad to see you writing again. I’ve missed you.

    • What can I say Lance, I likes to hangs out with good peeps – the artsy kind!

      I’m glad you enjoyed it – i figured Tori and you wouldn’t mind if I went a little “dark” on this one =)

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