A Cottage for Sale


Copyright – Björn Rudberg

You’re moving, then?


To that house?


That house, directly to the right of us?


But, you’ve hardly moved, at that point.


But the new house is prettier.



Well, “newer” of course.

And that’s enough?


That’s enough.

But you loved the old house. It was good to us.

“Good” isn’t new. New’s what counts.

That’s a shame, really.

Believe me or don’t, I couldn’t care less.

You’re implying that old is bad then?



It’s just not… well it’s not new, And new’s what counts.

But… I’ll miss you.


Still, you’re moving, then?



Rochelle, I would like to thank you so much for talking me “off the ledge” as to my abandoning Friday Fictioneers, as I do so love it and the writing community that surrounds it. And an extra special thank you to a Fictioneer I’ve been long jealous of, Björn, for providing a phenomenal prompt with which to return!

59 thoughts on “A Cottage for Sale

  1. t~ you have this dialogue stuff down to a fine art. I really like the take you had on the pic. Sometimes the slightest shift in perspective is all that has to take place to have an entirely new look at the world around you. I love this.

    I probably should have waited to read this until I had ruminated a bit on the picture myself, but I am not sorry I did it any who! I know, I will do something NEW :-) New’s better right?

    • And much like with Sandra, your positive feedback is doubly appreciated, when considering your blatant writing prowess (YES! I haven’t been able to use “prowess” in a dog’s age!)

    • Thank you Russell – I truly appreciate your saying that =)

      And of course, the candy and flowers you continually sent in the interim were a balm to my spirt as well…

    • And you are correct sir – the curse of those always in search of the next thing is that they always must be in search of the next thing.

      And speaking of, I suppose that this tale also lends itself to the same idea…

  2. Having recently had to move from the house we lived in for over 28 years, I can’t contemplate moving right now, especially just because the house is new. I enjoyed the back-and-forth of the conversation. We both went for broken relationships this week as we returned. Great minds, I guess. :-) Welcome back.


    • Great minds indeed janet, though I do feel as if I’m the one who was upgraded by that statement =)

      And it’s only through these broken relationships that we kind find the one that will, at long last, be unbreakable – right?

      Welcome back to you as well – I hope your journey was uneventful =)

  3. Dear Troy,

    A lot of reading between the lines of seemingly simple dialogue. I think she might find that new isn’t necessarily better, and possibly lonely.

    I’m happy to see you here. :D



    • Thank you for seeing the layers of nuance Rochelle. I try hard to use my personal experiences to construct a story, while keeping it open enough as to allow others to see shades of their personal story as well, so I’m glad when it comes through in this fashion.

      And you’re right – “new,” unto itself – breeds loneliness I feel.

    • Quite a lot, Björn, and yes, the tension stays thick when the valley between the two is slight.

      And in regards to your writing, I was merely stating the facts, m’friend =)

    • And I fear it always will, Sun. As for me, I’ll stick with “the old,” and continue to realize its full potential instead. Thanks for sharing your enjoyment =)

    • I appreciate your appreciation Carmen, but I must tell you, I do cheat. Most of my dialogue is simply born out of reality, and thrown into fantasy conversations that I wish I could have…

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