In Memorium – The Musical


I suppose we all think of ourselves as DJ’s from time to time, but I want to make it clear, some of us at one point actually were.

Though I never heard him spin, I know Kir’s brother was. And though I never met him – nor his sister – I do know that we lost someone wonderful when he left us late last year. Kir is a dear friend, one who has shown me over my own past trials that no matter what is done to you, there are still people around who are worth trusting. People around worth loving.

The following playlist, like all of the ones that are being submitted for this weeks volume of Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday, is dedicated to Ben Kovaleski. A man loved by those who knew him, and missed by even those who did not. Kir, I hope you don’t mind, but for my mix, in lieu of proper “dance music,” I stuck with the songs I used whenst a DJ. Those that had beats light and airy, those (regardless of their actual lyrical content) most full of life, and therefore liable to get the kids to the floor. They were the beats I first thought of when thinking of Ben and you.

I hope you enjoy.

To you and yours, Peace, Benny Beats.

18 thoughts on “In Memorium – The Musical

  1. Wow and sobbing and great enormous love. Oh t, you taught me so much about faith and belief in something bigger than myself. You are a friend of my heart, a man that I am so proud to call a friend.

    There are not enough thank yous for that.

    I loved your mix and I know that Ben would too, he would have talked music with a guy like you for hours… And enjoyed every minute of it.

    Thank you for cradling my heart.. Xo

    • Dear, I only give what I get.

      And I want you to know this. It was very hard, but I intentionally broke the cardinal rule, and included the same band twice within one set, just so Ben could, from where he is now and as all DJ’s are prone to do anyway, have a reason to bust on my “skills” and bad pedigree =)

  2. These are all new to me. I think the favored song in my clubs by Fine Young Cannibals was She Drives Me Crazy. Its just one of the songs for me that got old. I really really like that last track you shared. These are all great, but that last one really got me moving.

    I live close enough to the DC area that I wish I had gone clubbing at least once where Ben was playing. He’s special to me simply because his sister is. You’ve both taught me a lot about faith by making me discover exactly how strong mine is.

  3. Oh my gosh! Tweetless!!! My hair just stood on end when I heard Happy Hour Again, I listened to that cassette until I wore it out! I haven’t thought of it in so long, I miss it. I’m going to download it right now. I still remember EVERY WORD!
    We are clearly soul mates my Tweetless. And I would marry you if you were here. And I wasn’t married. But that wouldn’t matter, we could just spend every minute together.
    This mix is part of the soundtrack of my life. And yet it is the stuff that made me happy, not the dark stuff of the clubs. Although the under-18 club played more of this great music.
    AND YES TO CREEPERS!!! I didn’t think anyone would get that reference I love you for getting it!!!
    Man, Fine Young Cannibals, what a voice, so totally unique. Nothing else like him.
    Wishing you were here <3

    • Both the dark stuff and this were needed though, right? Along with the Creepers, of course.

      FYI – “Happy Hour” was played on my mental radio daily through boot camp, soul mate, one of the only ways I made it through at the very beginning, and still a balm for my soul =)

  4. Hey Rory,

    Happy Hour always, always makes me smile and reminds me of the Bare Naked Ladies. When they were good, of course. I believe there’s a little sampling of Happy Hour in their song, Hello City.

    I’ve no idea why, but I think the song, The Flag by BNL will make your heart ache.

    No one, no one, no one has won the race.

    I was a young mother back when most of the music of my generation should have shaped me. I’m so thankful for people like you, that remind of what it was like back then. You educate me about the music that was supposed to be the soundtrack of my youth. I’m forever grateful for the way you’ve enriched my life.

    There goes a raven, and there goes the ribbons of the flag…..

    What a stunning tribute.

    Love, Renee

    • When I saw the email come through from Jen, I knew I had to take a break from my sabbatical, and chime in for Kir’s sake. She’s far too good of a friend to have done otherwise.

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