Seminally yours…

According to my dictionary widget, “Seminal” means “(of a work, event, moment, or figure) strongly influencing later developments.” Now, I’ve no idea where I came up with that word when suggesting to Jen the Twisted Mix-Tap Tuesday prompt for this week, but… Oh wait, actually I do. I heard it way back when, during the days when I used to listen desperately to the radio, in the hopes of finding through it a new life. I heard it from DJ’s who were hell-bent on impressing their audience with the use of big words. An audience, mind you, that wouldn’t recognize a big word even if it jumped out of the dictionary and gave them a right-good drubbing. But we didn’t care, the words sounded cool anyway, and provided us fodder to name all of the imaginary bands to come that never quite did.

But I digress. Or as my college professor recently said, “I regress.”


Anywho, below you’ll find (5) lil’ ditties that made me who I am today – or in other words – had I never heard these, I would most likely be happily married, successful, and sitting around combing my pounds and pounds of luxurious hair while sampling a steak right now, instead of writing this post late at night while shoving chips and vodka into my soup cooler instead.

But alas, I did hear these songs. And as a result – well, much like the ghost in the machine – “‘ere I am, Jack…”

Too cliché to start off with? Maybe, but this truly was the song that first got me off my duffless duff, and on my way. Or at least it alerted me that it could be done – some sort of Grand Journey – once and if the good Lord allowed me to hit the golden age of 18. This song had so much impact in fact, that it was the first and only one I considered using to start off my musical autobiography with…

OK, I had no real idea what this song was about at the time, but to me it meant (2) things – 1) I would forever more see myself as much more of a Punk than a Head, and 2) I now knew that there were others who longed like I did. There were others who held themselves to standards normally frowned upon by the “popular.” There was – at long last – the possibility of tribe at least somewhere out there…

And it was Tribe that I would find. Tribe that I thought I would never lose. Even though I eventually did. At least for a spell…

Fast forward quite a number of years, and we can find a troy who is now a father, a husband, a self-perceived failure and a man on the edge of a breakdown. A breakdown I eventually muscled through (and to a certain extent, still am) all by my lonesome, or so I thought. Leave it to the boys of Therapy? to come to my aid in embracing that particular darkness…

And leave it to the boys of Pearl Jam – plus an unexpected groundswell of previously forgotten and new tribe, all of whom came rushing to my salvation – to pull me back out. Much like the rubber band that has been my life, there is Someone Up There who seemingly likes me, and that Someone never allows me to stick around in the gloomy spaces for too long, before “snapping” me back into The Real.

And yes, that brings us to your bonus track for this week…

This track, while seemingly a counter-balance to the cliché that started this post, is not. No, this song has been with me throughout my journey. Spurring me on to cross every bridge that has snuck up upon me along the way. That’s what life is after all, right? A series of bridges that we can either cross or not. Regardless of our choice, isn’t it nice to have a song in your heart to help you along on your travels? All the better still, if they’re musical milestones that will guide along your way…



PS: As life doesn’t stop when our generational interest in music does, this bonus-bonus track is brought to you by an old man who refuses to totally give up, and one of his dearest friends, who said that this makes her think of him. My incoming New Life is now coming up on a rough patch wherein there is much to do, and little time with which to do it in. As such, I apologize if I’m not around here as often as I would like, kids. My hope is that until we hook up again, you will all stay…

15 thoughts on “Seminally yours…

  1. alas, the idea that the idea is better than, perhaps a more armpit stink, bad breath, living experience…i still do not agree
    I don’t want half or a third…and, as always, is luck real? Is that imaginary too? A feeling of feel-good that evaporates and drives the grabbing of more?
    A voice inside is saying…wahhh, what luck, snort, confuzzle, ect.–you could(again) try to explain.

    How much do I really need? How much do I only think that I need, and a wee dose of illusion makes me smile and chuck it all? Kisses your forehead.

  2. it made think long and hard about the songs that made me…mine have a more disco beat to them. ;)

    hoping your next few days (weeks, months, years, LIFE) are spectacular. I love that Capital Cities song, that sounds like something that would be on my soundtrack.

    thinking of ya. XO

  3. I love that Pearl Jam picked you back up. And yes, I agree that regardless of the bridges we cross in life, having music in our hearts makes the journey better. Really wonderful post, Troy! Truly.
    PS – Sorry I messed up your really cool topic. I hope you will forgive me.
    PPS – I regressed ;)

  4. Even though I now have a compound fracture of the brain from your topic, great job. I love the flow of your list and your commentary is enough to make me ponder (for the millionth time since participating in this blog hop) how the power of music has the ability to change lives.

  5. lol (sitting in your lair, video feeds to 15 or 20 monitors showing bloggers in a range of pre-write stress… “what the hell does he expect??!!” …”what?!?! no frickin way I’m tell them that song means everything to me!!” …”screw…start typing and hit Publish when done”)

    My compliments. The idea was a bold one and surely you had to have anticipated some of the resistance…but from reading the 25 plus posts…this was way a successful theme!
    For myself, I found the truly new insight only at this point (of reading the other Posts). Not sure what you may have said, but I get the idea that the song does not have to mean anything, it just needs to be ‘attached’ to my life. The Humble Pie song (in my Post) is an example of what I think I mean. The song did not inspire me or even give me strength, it was there as something that I could hang (part of) the emotions that were going on at the time.

    nice work…

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  7. Dude. It’s Cocoa Puffs and Iced Tea over here. Also, don’t judge, I listen to music while listening to mixes sometimes. Only because music can depress me, so I have to keep my musical balance (I have a remote and turn it down when necessary of course)… I find it amusing that Powder Your Face With Sunshine by Deano is playing over here while I read this.
    AND OMG! I have a post-it note that says Capital Cities – Safe and Sound on it right here on my laptop!! I have been trying to decide where to fit it into my mixes!!
    And then this… I get why you picked this topic. For all of us who love music so much that they dedicate such an important part of their life to it, it would be a lie to say we don’t have seminal songs, it would just be whether we can tap into that part of our heart that wants to share them. Thank you for that, I think a lot of us mixers thank you for that.

  8. Wow – what a great topic Troy. It really made me think and dig deep. It was the best sort of exercise and it was good to go around and see/hear what helped make everyone else who and what they are. Our musical experiences really do shape us. They’re more than background, to many of us it’s life.

  9. Wonderful list. It’s awesome when we are having moments in our life and then just the right band or singer comes out with just the right song. As if they dug in our souls and wrote them just for us! Music is more universal than love. :)

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