The post is too relaxed for a title

Sorry to double-dip on the Liza, but she needs to make an appearance here this week as well.

You see, for this installment of Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday, Jen tasked us with providing for you, (5) delicious slabs of musical mellow. Just (5) ditties that would relax and soothe, while jamming so, in a slowish-like nature.

Me and slow jams get along about as well as – well – about as well as whatever analogy you’d like to insert here to indicate that slow jams and I just don’t get along well at all. As such, this is most likely the first week where I will not even meet with the (5) song standard, based solely on my belief that it really is all about the quality, versus the quantity.

And those of you who were going to use that last bit, to now make a disparaging comment about Liza, can just go and stuff it! Slowly and soothingly, of course.

Speaking of, here’s Liza, talking about my favorite time of the week…

And here’s Dusty, talking about my favorite look…

And finally, here’s Stan and Charlie, talking about my favorite one note…

For your bonus track this week (what? You don’t actually need 5 songs first, in order to get one, ya know), I decided to avoid Herb, but only because I had already tapped into Stan and Burt. I also avoided a whole host of others that I feel are actually much more mopey than mellow (in large part, this is why today’s post is pretty much new wave-free, in fact). That being said, the following is probably one of my top-ranking “go-to” relaxing slow jams, even though it is neither slow, relaxing, nor jammish in any form or fashion.

It is however, Bobby. So I think that’s pretty much a “nuff said” right there. Here’s hoping your skies are of a similar hue this week…



27 thoughts on “The post is too relaxed for a title

  1. Liza, Dusty, Bobby…classic. And I’d never before heard Getz & Byrd so I’m glad you introduced me to it. I love the whole feel of this list. Puts me right back in the time period the way watching a 60s movie does and I love that feeling.

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  3. For a guy who didn’t get it, you did pretty stinking well! Two of those songs were on my list before narrowing them down. One Note Samba (but I was gonna do Brazil 66) and the Look of Love, Dusty of course.
    Bravo, but you def must have been flustered if you couldn’t even come up with an analogy LOL!

  4. “…as well as whatever analogy you’d like to insert here to indicate…”

    (didn’t want to copy/paste the entire line)but, …but! I laughed and (therefore) got something from this Post of your’s this week.

  5. Dusty is one of the most underrated artists ever. We should bow to statues of her.

    Of course, I love the Bobby Darin. It’s how we became friends.

    well played sir

    • No dear, I fell out. I’ve eyes that are now open, and a heart that is now willing. Willing to see Love as it is, instead of as I wish it to be. As a result, we’ve both been freed to do what it is that we do. Make sense?

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