The (Singing) Gay Divorcee

OK. As Jen decided that this week would be a “free for all” Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday, I came up with an idea.

And then I had another idea. One that trumped the first.

And then a strange thing happened. And that strange thing was this. I went to oHIo (no, that in it of itself, is not the strange thing) in order to finally meet My Best Friend Ever Whom I’ve Never Met Before, and see with her the drag queen diva’s from RuPaul’s Drag Race perform live. I had a wonderful time with both her and another dear friend of hers as well, and it did my heart an immense amount of good to see that there are people out there, who truly are honest with you in mind and spirit, to the point where you almost know what even their inflection will sound like, before you ever even meet face-to face. People who – though they might live multiple states away  – are Good friends, vital to your survival, or at the very least your sanity. Ones that love you, simply because (and in some instances despite) of who you are; rather than who they one day hope you will be.

OK, so I suppose in retrospect, none of that was very weird at all, now was it? I mean, other than the fact that I lamented for hours over just the right outfit to wear to the drag event, and upon arrival, decided promptly that I had chosen incorrectly.

Regardless, the experience did make me scrap my second idea in a way similar to the first. Just a little more urgently, as I decided that the final draw for this week’s “free-for-all” would be inspired by my overflowing bucket of Joy resulting from last weekend’s adventure (one which we eventually decided to refer to as our “Big Gay Weekend,” or #BGW for short), in that the (5) songs will all be of a caliber such that, should you ever obtain a key and break needlessly into my sub-par apartment, you might very well catch me dancing about all girly like, while lip syncing the lyrics. And yes, if you found yourself peering into my private world in this fashion, just before I had you arrested for breaking & entering, you WOULD be thinking to yourself that I was Damned Good. So just relax, shut up and enjoy the show.

Beth, this is for you.

AND, because Ru’s tune didn’t actually count as a bonus (boys can’t technically “drag” to boys), here’s yours for this week. Possibly the most underrated song (drag or otherwise) of all time, and one that’s a sheer blast to “perform” to…



33 thoughts on “The (Singing) Gay Divorcee

  1. I’m so envious you got to see the Drag Race divas. I haven’t missed a single episode since the series began. Great songs and The Sweater was hilarious. I could totally see some of my favorite performers doing those.

    • It’s timeless, right? It’s also got about a freakin’ gazillion remix versions of it floatin’ about, and I’ve never heard a bad one but once (stupid shits omitted the “to feel good” part!)

      PS: I never realize that drag queens are secretly giants. I don’t care IF they’re in heels and their wigs are jacked up to Jesus – that sort of height just isn’t achievable through mere human means.

  2. The Yvonne Elliman song… LOVE! I had the 45 growing up and listened to it over and over.

    …and so…. what DID you decide to wear? nothing like keeping us in suspense!

    • OK, well here’s the thing. I had a black pleated skirt, frumpy grey sweater and Doc Marten’s (ox blood, of course) and beanie all picked out if I was going “fem.” And I had a plain white-t, black old skool tux vest, tight jeans, leopard-skin Converse (fuzzy, of course) and the self same beanie, if I was going “straight.” Because yeah, I’m THAT much of a chick.

      But when I saw how beautiful, my two companions for the evening were decked out, I decide to go with the latter outfit, as to not spoil their radiance. No lies.

      And Yvonne? My Fave. O. Rite disco song of for. EVER. I don’t play it for just anyone. Also no lies =)

  3. I’d forgotten about that sweater song. I really think there should be an homage to sweater songs somewhere – there’s certainly enough of them. Aside from that wonderful moment of connection? You also had me at Liza. Enjoyed this.

  4. Hey sweetie, I left you a little comment over at raised on radio..what a great opening guest post!
    here is the song I mentioned …your words put it in my head:)
    radio king

    radio cure

  5. Ok LOVE! And I am so jealous, can I come next time?? Sounds like a blast! So I loved all of the songs but I have to focus on Cabaret here… man did I LOVE Cabaret! I grew up on that soundtrack, and when we were still probably too young to see it our parents took us to see Joel Grey perform in it. They wanted to make sure we got to see it with him before it was too late. LOVED IT! Had no idea what it was about. Now I do. Priceless.

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