To The Eye of The Beholder

Daddy… Are you crying?

You’d be surprised at how often I hear that question.

And you’d be similarly surprised at how often I am forced to squeak out a dishonest “no” from my phelgm-filled throat, whilst hastily wiping away any evidence to the contrary from my moistened eyes.

Today, Jen’s Tuesdayer Army celebrates “Beautiful” on Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday, and for this prompt I could literally litter you with song samplings to last well over the next several months.

But I won’t.

I haven’t enough tears.

My song bucket this week is filled with choices that to me, express my belief that beauty lies in hope. But it also lies in sorrow. It lies in the sun, and it lies in the thunder storm. It lies in victory, and it lies in defeat. In short, beauty lies at either end of life’s spectrum, versus the muddy monontonous middle – the very area where most of us feel “safe” enough to normally reside. Following is a mere sampling of what I see Beauty as being.

First, we have hope…

Followed by sorrow…

Then we have sun…

Followed by thunder…


Then defeat…

And then, if you are among the very bravest of the brave, and the wisest of the wise, you recognize the aforementioned belief that the middle is the very last place to be, as it’s both ends of the spectrum that bring beauty to life. For it is only through the constant interplay between this absolute darkness and the purest light – the sun and the rain – that the brilliant rainbow that Life truly is, can come bursting through…


And to the eye of this one beholder at least; that, my friends, is what Beauty truly is.


42 thoughts on “To The Eye of The Beholder

  1. Ah, that was the most BEAUTIFUL collection of songs. (The boys have recently found THE RAINBOW CONNECTION and I cry every single time they put that song on and their little voices warble toward the chorus. )

    I think we all need a Rainbow Connection lately, don’t you?

    • =) I don’t know if you noticed or not, but while I was originally going to throw in “Mr. Blue Sky” by ELO at the tail end, I decided instead to keep the song count to (7), as it’s the # of God, and heck n’ doodle, there ain’t a chance in all the world of seeing beauty without Him (Her/It/Whatever), right?

    • Two of my favorites, whenever I’m feeling down and/or hateful towards m’self – haven’t had much call for either recently, so it was good to hear them again today, dear =)

  2. Brilliant. Really, The Rainbow Connection couldn’t be more perfect for this list! And Redemption Song? Thanks for putting up with my lame list this week. I didn’t have it in me for some reason, and the host has to play, right?
    You know I love Macklemore, really… such amazing story-telling. Such a true story too. I can’t say more than that. Because you could have made that list with only that one song.

    • I’m glad you feel that way, because right now my “slow jams” post has only (2) songs earmarked…

      And your post was so NOT lame, Jen! Just make sure that Rupert (and his mullet) show up next time =)

  3. Troy- you’re totally winning right now if this is a Melissa’s favorite list competition…which it always is.
    1. Matisyahu- wow. I get to see him again this Saturday. He’s always an awesome experience live. So much positivity!
    2. Marley-obviously
    3. Rainbow Connection- I just listed this on a Five for Friday post. One of the favorite songs of my youth!

    Awesome list!

    • Well then, I guess we’re just gonna have to call it “Melissa’s Favorite List Competition Day” today!

      And can I tell you how jealous I am about your multiple sightings of Matisyahu? Like so much so, that I may just need to don a wig and a “I’m Melissa” t-shirt, just prior to stealing your ticket and going in your stead…!

    • Thank you so much Jenna! I’m always glad to hear when someone agrees with my “ramblings,” (especially a fellow Princess Bride fan!) and I hope my future posts keep you equally as entertained =)

  4. Oh. My. God. You win TMTT this week, friend. This entire post gave me chills. I love the introduction. I love the music. I love that the Ft. Meyer song had the intro and closing with the families who have loved ones away…I met my husband after he was already done with the Army but I can’t imagine had it been during…
    I love the ending and that you chose The Rainbow Connection for the middle place to swing back to. Huge. Like I said. You totally win this week.

  5. hey, nice work with the ‘theme’, dude!

    yeah, I know this is about mix tapes and such, but the fun (for me) is to take the original idea and turn it into a ‘new thing’ (duct tape and hammer and nails all permitted)*. This ‘beautiful’ was way tough… I mean we’re dealing with music… hell I remember one radio station that used to have their promo as simply… ‘for beautiful music, tune to…’.

    *after all, we’re frickin blog writers, who isn’t trying their best to tell a story here?

    • Beauty WAS way tough – hence the title, Clark. I wasn’t sure who would like what I saw as beautiful, and even less certain that they’d dig the “story” that wove through it, ya know? Fortunately, I think we were both much more successful in the end then we thought we might be, you and me.

  6. Yo TP… I simply love this List!!! ‘Wings’ was special. Really enjoyed that.
    Your very last sentence: What it’s all about!!! Nice, Slu

    sorry it took so long to come visit… my schedule is just whack right now.

    • It’s balls-to-the-walls good, isn’t it?

      And thanks for digging my post as well, Slu, no apologies required for your perceived tardiness, my friend – I don’t care when you read, as long as you do!

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