You Suck.

You suck at life…

You suck in your marriage…

You suck at fulfilling your potential…

You suck in love…

Hell, you even suck at limiting this post to just 5 songs…

You suck.


Please visit Jen’s Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday for more songs about sucking.


PS: Should you listen to only (1) this week, go with track number #6, as it is damned near the “You Suck” anthem of all time. But also try to give picks 1 through 5 a audio peek as well. I mean, hell, this IS a mix tape, right?

28 thoughts on “You Suck.

    • Thanks Lance, and no worries! For the subject material of this post, I dug much more into a Yesterday Troy, than I did the me of today. The me of today, in fact, is starting (very slowly) to have trouble in recognizing that yesterday man =)

  1. I know (in principle) that there is a vast universe of music out there… I confront the fact of it every Tuesday with your lists! And I’m not just talking generically (I do not, for instance include yodeling or accordion music in my statement about the size of the the music universe), I mean songs that when I listen to them, I find that either a) I like them or 2) they are similar to an artist that I already totally like.
    good shit

    • God bless you Clark! And thanks for your kind words – it does my heart good to know that I keep you coming back, and enjoying when you do =)

      Oh, and are you SURE about that accordion music…?

  2. I know you meant it “figuratively” cause that was the point right? Dude, this is such a Chorus Line moment “and I dug down deep to the bottom of my soul” right?
    Awesomeness Tweetless!

    • So much thanks to you beautiful =) and yes, digging down deep – but only in order to rise above, to become more fulfilled. This is one “worthless bitch” who ned not take that sort of self-slander anymore.
      Figuratively speaking, of course =)

  3. I don’t know what the hell happened to me, but I don’t remember half of this music. I’m 45. I should remember it all. I went to clubs every weekend. I partied all the time. Had a friend that was a music god like you. We listened to music endlessly. Talked about it and analyzed every damn lyric. Why can’t I remember any of it?

    Sure there music I remember. The Smiths, Bowie, and a host of others. I’m a self proclaimed music whore. But then I come to your blog and read your posts about twisted mix tapes and I have no idea who the artists are anymore.

    My tastes are eclectic. I can tell you the name of a tune from 50 damn years ago, and even name the artist. 90’s grunge I’m even good at. The 70’s and The Beatles. What the hell happened to my brain in the 80’s I’ve no idea.

    I think it’s the fact I married young and gave birth to two children. =]

      • Hey I haven’t written jack shit in a really, really, really long time. My words are finally coming back to me, so give me a break. Yes, you are a music god, so take the compliment.

        Love you brother. I got work to do and then a shit ton of writing to catch up on. The muses are talking so much they’re making my head hurt.

        Love, Nae

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