Leonard Nimoy Gets Laid…

Listen, love ain’t free. You and I both know it, so let’s stop beating round that sad old bush and face the facts, OK?

Even when you wistfully think, “hey, no strings attached,” you just know that you’re lying to yourself. There’s ALWAYS strings attached. If not in heart, then at the very least, in purse…

And sometimes in heart as well, sometimes even a heart filled with disappointment…

But for the masses, disappointment is a worn-out old suit. Ill-fitting, uncomfortable and an embarrassment. Especially when the purse beckons towards instant gratification, especially when disappointment can simply be turned into a jaunty lil’ jingle to help celebrate the sin…

And speaking of jingles, are there any better than the one where instant attraction leads to instant fireworks? And instant fireworks leads to rings being exchanged? And rings being exchanged leads to some sort of happiness ever-after? But most often, only after those rings have lost their shimmer, going off on their merry pawn shopping way…?

But that’s just it – a blessed few get to realize their happiness ever-after, and the rest of us are simply relegated to dealing with the truth of the matter (most usually, only long after our purses have been drained of cash and fight) that eventually everyone has to pay, even Nimoy…


So Jen told us this week’s Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday prompt was “No Strings Attached,” and I instantly gravitated towards prostitution. None too sure why, but I feel that Anita said it best, when she cooed that she had been through the “mill of love,” only to find every type but True. And maybe that in itself is the truth of the matter. I mean, at least when dealing with General Hooker’s women, you know that you’ll be broke by the end.

Oh, and speaking of Hooker’s women, here’s your bonus track for this week – I hope that you enjoy =)

41 thoughts on “Leonard Nimoy Gets Laid…

  1. I’m not sure why ‘no strings attached’ brought to mind prostitutes, but I can dig it and actually agree with you. Though my play list was more of a booty call rather than a call girl, I have said, cynically enough, even in a free will, love and rainbows, type marriage……… sex nor love is free. Take the stay at home mom, or as we are called these days, ‘Homemakers’….. I can say this, if my boyfriend decided not to let me have some cash for an item, he’d learn to work and ‘make a home’, along with other things. Great list and topic! :)

    • Nothing wrong with booty calls (even if the name does make me giggle), and I suppose it was that “no strings” thing that got to me thinking about exactly what sort of strings were being considered. Personally, I’ve only ever had one where there was absolutely no ramifications whatsoever afterwards. OK, maker that two, I suppose. Anywho. Yes, strings are most often attached. Oh, and I hope your boyfriend never has to learn home making or other things… =)

  2. I knew it was a remake, but I’m more familiar with David Lee Roth’s version of “Just a Gigilo” …. what is with that poor girl in the video, she looks SO awkward! I guess it’s part of the shtick…but..still, poor thing. ;/

    Great list!

    • Ahh, Keely Smith – I could donate an entire post to her alone! Yes, the blank face was her schtick, and though he garnered the fame (and the eventual honor of voicing King Louie for Disney’s Jungle Book), she was actually the brains behind the operation. Also, if you listen to the pre-recorded version, you’ll quickly realize that Roth ripped it off literally beat for beat!

  3. Really enjoyed these entries, especially since I wasn’t familiar with a few. Just when I think my musical horizons are broad, someone comes along and shows me otherwise.

  4. old school with the Louis! talk about spotlight junkie! but, allowing for the song, he gives every bit of the ‘I said stay here’ that David Lee kinda misses.

    Another good Post from the hang outside and smoke cigarette set!

  5. Fabulous and poetic. Wonderful. I know..adjectives shmadjectives. Meanwhile Now I’m thinking about Roxanne. Hmmm…. Love this list, especially the oldies. I think we forget how racy the undercurrent can get!

  6. Troy, this is so great. You win with the title alone. ;) How did I not think of Just a Gigolo? I’ve been singing that to my kids all week – don’t ask why – oh, okay, it’s because I’m slightly nuts. Only slightly? Anyway…great choices and accompanying prose. “But for the masses, disappointment is a worn-out old suit. Ill-fitting, uncomfortable and an embarrassment.” – what a terrific line.

    • Wow! Thank you so much for the invite – I truly appreciate it! And no worries, you’re always free to drop anything you’d like (provided it’s legal, of course) onto my comments – I love to hear from you =)

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