What A Wonderful World, Pt. 2

No, IZ is not actually one of “the five” chosen for this week, but I love his take on these two songs, and thought it to be the perfect tie-in between last week’s post and this. Give it a listen. I’ll wait.

S’good, right?

So, week two in the 00’s (and to my knowledge, still no clear consensus as to how to pronounce that). The end of the decade found my musical knowledge reawakening somewhat, but this time not of my own accord. No, these new ear worms came from (3) primary sources, all of whom were nonexistent in my life previous to this decade.

1) My online tribe. Most of whom I have never actually met, many of whom I never will, a small number of whom I might, all of whom refuse to let me simply sit on my musical laurels, while the world continues to careen madly out of control, voice modulators be damned. It’s through good folks like these that I “discovered” a little known Hasidic Jew with a penchant for beat box…

They also introduced me to two upbeat kids with a small budget, big talent, and bigger dreams. DIY for the new century…

And speaking of kids…

2) The kids, AKA My Lovelies. Old enough now to form their own tastes, they’ve begun to fill my head – and my life –  with all sorts of new sounds. Sounds I would have never found on my own, or if I had, wouldn’t have appreciated nearly as much as I do. All because the very people I was blessed to have a part in creating, and am now responsible for raising, thought enough of me as to share their new-found treasure with. Treasure like Pink…

And treasure like these two newer players. Two who could very well, if they’re not careful, shortly turn the music (and video) world on its ever-living ear once again. A turn that, in my humble opinion, is much needed right about now. If you listen-watch to only one song in this post, make it this one…

3) The world-wide interwebs. Sorry, but these days I do rely on it much more than I do simply strolling the aisles of the record store. Partially because I’m lazy. Partially because I don’t have anything even close to the time required any more. And partially because – in Buffalo anyway – libraries even have more new music by lesser known artists, than the brick and mortar record stores do. It was online that I discovered that one of the few remaining members holding a piece of my youth is still recording. And as it turns out, doing a damned fine job of it as well…

So now we’re here. And tomorrow beckons. Will I be on-board? Most likely not. But that’s OK. I had my time, and my time was good. Tomorrow beckons as it always did, for the young people to stand up and have their voices heard. Voices that they are only now learning how to create. My prayer is that they will be more influenced by folks like The Clash and Public Enemy, Matisyahu and Macklemore, then they are by the Disney Machine.

They’ve the power to do either, and only time will tell.


Another Tuesday, another Twisted Mix-Tape. This one rounding out our stroll through the decades. I’d like to thank Jen for pushing me into dredging up these musical memories, and I hope you enjoyed them as much as I.

Oh, and before we leave the decade, let’s take just a moment to celebrate the rebirth of Rick, through the 00 introduction of the “mash-up.” I knew you’d do it, Mr. Astley. I mean, after all, you DID say that you would never let me down, right?

36 thoughts on “What A Wonderful World, Pt. 2

  1. P!nk is one of my favorite artists, I feel such a connection with her and her words. I liked all your selections, enjoyed giving them a listen (and RICK ASTLEY, oh how I love that man and his pop hit SUGAR) but I was so pleased to find P!nk on this list, with that song.


  2. I adore P!nk, and that song particularly.

    And Iz, ahhhh king Iz. Nothing can top him. His music just makes the world SO much better. I adored his version of ‘Take me home country road’, and there are some gems on Youtube which didn’t make his albums, which are well worth seeking out. Thanks for the happy thoughts :)

    • My mom is A huge (no pun intended) fan of his, and that alone has kept me from digging deeper into his catalog, but I’m now thinking I need to reassess that position – thanks =)

  3. I LOVE that song by IZ. I remember the first time I heard it, I went home after purchasing it and immediately played it over and over and over again to figure out the transition and whether the two songs did indeed have the same melody. Also, haven’t heard of Matt and Kim before but I’m totally digging that song! Thank you.

    • I first heard it used in a toy commercial, during Christmas season, when my children were still young, and my wife still thought I was actually worth hanging on to. And I remembered thinking to myself, “Yes! This is what life is. This is what love is.”

      I still feel that way about the song, even if my idea of Life and Love have been totally altered and matured since then.

  4. OK loved the video for Daylight sooo much! Reminded me of Our House :-)
    Those mash-ups are so awesome. Sometimes I’m listening to a song and I hear another song inside it and I think this would make a great mashup but to be able to use the technology “in my spare time” to do it? Not ever.
    I love this list, it would make a great mix in real life!

    • Much like the 80’s gave us “the extended mix,” the 00’s gave us “the mash up.” And much like the extended mix, there’s a TON more bad than good in regards to the mash =)

      Thanks Jen – being out of my element so to speak this week, I doubled back on the mix to ensure that the flow was correct (ALL about the flow…) I’m so glad that it played well to your ear as well!

  5. Wow, what a list. Lots of new-to-me stuff this week. When I listened to Daylight, I knew I’d heard it somewhere, but something wasn’t quite right about it. Figured it out…they used it in the Sims.

    • That track in particular is extremely important to me. It was introduced to me by my friend Beth. A woman who has given me more support, advice and love in these past few years than a certain other who claimed to love me more or know me better did.

      Don’t tell Beth this, but this song (along with “Mr Blue Sky” from ELO), will always be the song I think of when I think of her.

  6. You always crack me up (and that’s a good thing). I love how you create a list that is so unlike any other. Well Done!!!

    A few years ago, when my wife & I sat down at the house to watch “50 First Dates,” the song at the end of the movie by IZ absolutely blew me away. Absolutely one of my faves!!! A very beautiful song. Thanks, Slu

  7. That P!nk video makes me cry everytime I watch it. Did you see her performance at the grammys a couple of years ago when she did the acrobatic sheet twisting thing to “Glitter in the Air”? Look it up. It still gives me goosebumps after all this time. Also – see Matisyahu live. He’s a trip. :)

    • My daughter sent me the link, which I forgot to watch. And then she reminded me, but I couldn’t find the time. And then she actually made me sit down and click “play.” And I’m glad I finally did =)

      I’ve only seen snippets of the Grammy gig, but I’ll check it out all the way through now – thanks!

  8. You surprised me with Daylight and Try…not in a bad way, but in a “wow, t’s tastes are really interesting” way.

    Throwing the Nirvana in, at the end was pretty stellar. I guess I should’ve figured out how to put You Know You’re Right in the past 2 weeks, it’s my favorite songs by them

    well done

    • Thanks Lance, that really means a lot =)

      And be careful – that’s no “normal” Nirvana song there. That’s the version that will never give you up =)

  9. So I’m driving in my car this afternoon, clicking through the the presets and I hear “Mom, I touched the net”… lol damn life imitates art again!! ‘I know that song!’ I proceeded to yell at the dashboard.
    ain’t this internet somethin?

    • It’s crazy how many doors it’s opened, and how many windows it’s closed! It can end relationships while at the same time starting them anew. Crazy man, just crazy.

  10. Love that Pink song and video. Which that’s pretty much any Pink song. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – my oldest daughter – 11- had me listen to Thrift Shop so much, I was beginning not to be a fan, until I heard the song ‘Same Love’. Now, huge fan. Great list. I would love working in a C.D. store. Financially thrown under a bus by my ex, ummm, not so much. :)

    • My youngest is a HUGE Thrift Shop fan, while at the same time I was listening to Same Love. So together we decided to check out their other stuff, and by far, we felt Wings was their best effort to date.

      And I wouldn’t worry about the bus I’m under too much – the one good thing about them is that they don’t stop, so there’s only a couple more wheels to roll over me before the whole thing will be gone and on its way =)

  11. I put this post on the backburner until I had enough time to listen with ease. My favourites are IZ–what a voice, like crystal–pure and beyond compare Then there’s Rick and PINK. My daughter introduced me to her. She’s awesome and sooo talented.

  12. I love love LOVE Matt and Kim. They are my go to music when I need to smile. I always get up and dance with my girls when they come on. :D

    BTW, it’s wonderful to “see” you again!

    • Delighted to see you as well dear! Please give your Marine a hug for me, and I’m like you in that when I’m at my lowest, M&K are one of my “go to” acts to get me back on my feet (and dancing!)

  13. Well, I’ve actually heard of Matisyahu, so that makes two people in this continent (on this continent? I’m sorry, I’m having a Me No English moment). Israel was abuzz for a while when we had just heard of him. I couldn’t remember any of his songs, though, thanks for the reminder, this was unexpectedly nostalgic! :-)

    • I’m all about “unexpectedly nostalgic” – whether I be in or on (pretty sure you could either, actually… especially should you have a shovel handy at the time!)

  14. Even this old chook has P!nk on her playlists.
    Loved Macklemore’s Same Love & Thrift Shop (thanks to the gym & some younger, more ‘hip’ friends.)

    Music with thought, soul and purpose. Nice. :D

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