100 Words Plus A Sentence… & Some Bubblemen To Boot

I love Professor SAM. In part because we talk about things outside of class like tattoo designs. I love her, and not just in an effort to snag a 4.0 for the semester. I love Professor SAM, and would invite you all to play along with her thought-provoking Master Class prompt. Think writing 100 words or so about a picture is challenging? Try making someone else’s words your own, without a hiccup in your story, and see if you’re not hooked almost immediately!

That said, here’s this week’s Master Class 2013 and Friday Fictioneers mash-up.

And no, I’ve no earthly idea how it was that these two prompts seemed like such a natural fit to me…

Copyright - Jennifer Pendergast

Copyright – Jennifer Pendergast

Such big, beautiful eyes!

Such a full body!

Such sweet sin awaiting, should she take notice of me.

Mmmm, the way those wings shimmer…

I make my way over.

Cautiously, as not to frighten, “Ummm, hello…?”

A question or a statement? Don’t be a fool – make your play, man!


Too much. Still, she smiles while looking over.

I sense the stirrings, faint but unmistakable, of an afternoon delight.

Slowly she swivels closer.

Closer still.

Close enough to realize that I’m not “like” her. No, not enough.

Watching her hurriedly fly off, my pride’s stung as I wonder – when will this ridiculous belief that bee can’t hive with wasp ever be squashed?


This week’s sentence prompt came from page 55 of the 5th book in on my shelf (it’s a church pew actually), 5th line down: Jean Shepherd’s “A Christmas Story.” And while not exactly in keeping with the motif of the remainder of the post, I’m ending today with the song below, partially because I couldn’t find “Waspy” by The Bolshoi, and partially because – quite honestly – when will I ever even come this close to having a tie-in for it again?

64 thoughts on “100 Words Plus A Sentence… & Some Bubblemen To Boot

  1. ah the sting of rejection…it aches.
    But the descriptions were perfect, I loved how the man saw her, how he anticipated her, it was sexy and sweet at the same time.

    maybe he should say Hello again.

  2. What might have been for wasp and bee if nature saw things differently. We both expressed missed opportunity this week, Troy. Funny, too that the underlying message was similar to another post of mine about differences….or am I reading this all wrong? Either way, I liked the build up (and sad let down) very much.

  3. You have successfully made me blush and that’s hard to do!! And not over the story either. I liked it. The subtlety with which you weave a twist that leaves me gasping every single week will keep you at the head of the class.

    And, about those tattoos…

  4. If they ever overcome the species barrier, would their offspring have two stingers? A fearful thought. By the way, most successful blending of the two prompts–really worked.

    • Thank you so much – that really means a lot!

      And yes, I believe they would have (2) stingers each. And twice as fast. I suppose it’s best if we don’t push them to hard to hook up then, yes?

    • Much thanks Helena, I was trying to keep them somewhat subliminal, as I fear I have a tendency to be much more “Ethel Merman” in my writing style, all while hoping to be more “Marilyn Monroe,” you know?

  5. Ah dawling, this is a more reasonable approach to the conversation about the birds and the bees. Everyone knows that wasps don’t stand a chance of mingling with the fuzzlier bumbles of their time. What Ms. Bee ought to have mentioned is that there would be no harm sitting a stingers distance away and talking it over though. ;-)

    Hah, it was fun Troy!

  6. The wasp couldn’t close the deal, too bad. I tried to watch the Bumbemen, but I could only listen to about six seconds before I though i might lose what mind I have left.

    • It is an acquired taste Joe (both the bubble men and wasp love), but in regards to the first, it might help to know that it was actually Love & Rockets in disguise – and they might be much more to your liking… =)

  7. I liked your sweet sexy story, then just when I thought there was going to be honey ever after…it was not to be or to wasp either…
    Well done

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