Have You Ever Had It Blue

Another Friday, another Friday Fictioneers (sorry kids, but I can only submit these when the pictures tell me the story, as this week’s did.) As always, I hope you enjoy what today’s muse whispered into my ear…

Copyright -Anelephantcant

Copyright -Anelephantcant

The chain – well, you could hardly call it that, now could you? – Would’ve never been left draped around his neck in days of old. No, back then he was prized, needed, secured.

He remembered the lad who’d rode him, screaming together down blown-out streets to get messages to the front.

God, he loved that boy. So handsome, so gentle, so fast!

The lad had a good eye, failing him only on that day where “Jerry” had hid in the bell tower.

Lying beside his dying love, he wept while his seat slowly absorbed the blood.

A lifetime ago of course, it was now a mere cherished memory as he sat idly – unloved, unneeded, and most decidedly unchained.


Down So Long…

Recommended by Seablackwithink, I decided upon trying a new 100 Word-style challenge, hosted by Red and known as “Flash In The Pan” (FTP).

Since it’s a new exercise for me, I used the opportunity to go just a hair to the left of my normal comfort zone (the prompt is “Down,” and I opted for an emotional direction instead of a physical one). Please be advised, the following deals with a subject matter that some might find distasteful.

As always, please let me know your thoughts and critiques, and please visit the FTP link above to read more entries.

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

Defeated, the ropes dangled from the bedpost. Ignored by the wrists that could not be constrained by them alone.

The lotions, the collar, the paddle – all sat idly nearby, achingly unused. Desolate.

The body, naked and shivering, laid curled up fetal, dead center of the bed. In appearance much more deceased than alive, sans the singular tear, slowly jogging its way down the cheek, to the bridge of an unkissed lip.

Kept from contentment, this had given up on ever being touched in that way again.

Down for so long, the owner of this body hoped for it no more.


Justified & Ancient – a 90’s Dance Party

I think that if we’re honest with each other, we can all admit that the 90’s really came down to just (2) little words:

Mu, Mu.

This decade saw a one-time club kid (solely in an effort to increase his already robust instances of getting laid – look – I had an issue, OK?), step off the dance floor to take up residence behind “the booth,” replete with my oversized headphones wrapped loosely around my neck, and my mini flashlight clamped firmly between my teeth.

I went by “DJ Mimizu” (Japanese for “worm,” as all the girls said I danced like one) and much like The KLF, along with my partner DJ Kero Kero Keroppi, I tried desperately every night to kick out the jams, sometimes even asking Tammy Wynette to help…

Of course, when your main focus was to get the kids dancing and grinding (sweat + prospect of sex = increased booze sales), you sometimes had to step back half a decade or so, and slap something onto the turn table that would make them feel “Divine…”

In general, the songs were chosen for the girls. Because every good DJ knew that wherever the girls went, the boys would follow. That being said, hip hop was beginning to invade even the most alternative of scenes, and this sort of music seemed to have both sexes jumping from their seats, hitting the floor in unison…

As the lines continued to blur, it became harder for DJ’s (both the good and the not-so) to discern which scene a particular act was “romancing” with their sound, and this confusion would help to bring about an almost delicious musical crossover…

The blend was upon us, the confusion as to where the musical lines now lay were driving some of us to distraction, as scenes merged and begat wholly new scenes as a result. In short, the world was as it always was, and as it always would be – forever changing and new.

And then this happened…

Good DJ’s everywhere realized that James Brown was dead, and that the game had just changed. Possibly forever, and regardless of whether or not they happened to be getting laid robustly at the time…



Yes, we’re up to the 90’s already over at Jen’s Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday, and while I thought I was going to struggle through this decade, by closing my eyes and clenching down once again upon an imaginary flashlight, the above track list came flooding back to mind. Next week we’ll get a little edgier, and discuss why some roses are stone, why the best jelly comes from pearls, and how it is that pixies can sing without moving their mouths. Until then kids, remember…

Briefly… The My Three Adoration edition

Simon’s 16 years-old.

My first-born, when he was first born, lay there on the heating-table as the nurse looked to me, saying “He’s yours – you can touch him.” I recently introduced him to the (somewhat painful) world of job applications, though it feels as he was only born a few years ago.

Simon has the power.

Hannah’s 15, and Hell on Wheels. Hell. On. Wheels. A strong young woman who desires popularity, while understanding the power of true friendship. She’s gonna dazzle the world with her persona, a trait she gets – oddly enough – from me.

Hannah has the power.

Ian’s 13. “Last but not least” never had a truer ring, and to me, he’s a Heart Of Gold on two legs – two very short legs. He keeps us four in check, making damned sure that I’m always on top of my game.

Ian has the power.

I named them with the following criteria – each should have names rooted in biblical history (“Ian” being Gaelic for “John”), and none should have names that could be altered in common conversation.


All three bless my Life.

All three lift me.

All three have the power.

And all three,

Will someday use it.



Three (3) notes concerning this post:

1) This week’s 100 Word Song prompt was chosen by Linda Roy (who has the bestest business cards ever!) – “People Have Power” by Patti Smith.

2) Losing all punk rock cred, I never actually was that much of a Patti Smith fan. I mean, I caught “Because The Night,” and thought to m’self, “Well, that was rather nice,” before moving on. Hey, it happens. Truth be told, I wasn’t all that sold on Iggy Pop either.

3) There are three people in my life who continually inspire me, unconditionally love me, and make me a better man by their mere presence. They are currently walking with me through the hardest challenge of my adult life thus far, and I felt it was once again time to give them their due respect. Even IF I blew the 100 word limitation by a straight 100% in the process. Being their dad is never a pain, and always a pleasure.

3.5) Well. I suppose we can all safely assume that that last bit is a *touch* over-the-top, unadulterated and biased b.s., right…? 



I figured you could all use a break from mine for a change, and instead simply take some time to enjoy a little ditty Bobby Darin didn’t make famous, way back when he first recorded it.

Kick it, B.D…


Today’s impromptu post is brought to you by Daily Prompt‘s call for an Opposite Day. So against my usual grain, I posted impromptu-ishly, I refrained from any and all pontification or “fiction,” and I posted not (1), but (2) pictures of me. Here’s the second:

20130505_133134Happy Sunday!