Arms Aloft (Where To Now?)

You see, Sherman done moved on up.

sherman-hemsleyBut there’s no need to worry about that any longer.

And I think maybe Weezie had done so before him, but I can’t be certain. And that’s not the point at any rate, now is it? No, the point is that Sherman done kicked it in the 21st century, and when he left, he took a piece of my childhood with him. Now to be sure, it was a piece I gave freely, but still, a piece forever gone as a result of his departure.

Seeing as I had mentioned last time that I had pretty much “checked out” musically by the end of the 90’s, in lieu of immediately addressing new acts for the new century, I thought I would take a moment to breathe. Instead, devoting Part One to the those individuals who I entrusted a piece of my youth with, and who then took it with them as they rushed up unannounced to Saint Peter’s gate.

As far as a “mix” goes, this will most likely be shaky at best, but as far as a confession of unadulterated devotion and love goes, this is about as close as I’ll ever get, Again, musically speaking that is…

Joe. I still miss you. I never met you, but still I miss you. Honest to God! You really did help to make me the man (?) I am today, and you showed me that it’s not about “them,” or their actions – it’s about Me. It’s about Me, and what I do with that knowledge that counts…

Alan Meyers, you and the other Spud Boys taught me that it was OK to be “less” and still achieve more. You taught me that even plugs without sockets, still get theirs from time to time. Human Metronome, bang on my brother…

Adam. Dear peaceful Adam – I’ve been told all too often (most usually by a certain someone I used to know) that I was far “too white” to ever truly grasp the genius of rap. Thank you for opening that door to me, all while playing a mean-ass bass, to boot…

Back to post-punk in a second, but I do have to take a moment to say goodbye to Dave. God bless Dave.

Say what you will. Pontificate on any number of given topics, but you must admit, without Jazz, you have no rock and roll. Without jazz, you have no punk. Without jazz, you have no Two Tone. Without jazz, there is no black people playing with white people in harmony. There is no Jew playing with Christian. There is no musician simply looking at another while saying, “Let’s jam, man.” Without jazz, you don’t have modern music. And – in my humble opinion – without Mr. Brubeck, well man, you just don’t has jazz…

OK, so that was that, and this is this. I end Part One of the 00’s with Joey. Because of all the musical family members lost in the 21st century, his was to me the first. And as such, it hurt the worst. His death forever stole from me the idea I had long-held that there could somehow ever be pieces of my youth that would never die, nestled as they were gently in the arms of my Rock Gods.

A lot more would eventually die for me in the 21st century, and a lot more most likely will. But it was these musical nuggets of my past – my serenity while growing up, really – that have eventually proven the hardest to truly say good-bye to.


mixtape-jenkehl1-300x300Jen’s Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday is Phat with a “P. H.” (I’m in the right decade for that, correct?) and I really wish you would play along to show me your musical memories. Next week we conclude the 00’s to date, and I’ll try to show that I at least have somewhat of a grip on the current goings on…

18 thoughts on “Arms Aloft (Where To Now?)

  1. I was glad to see this list – all new to me! It’s astonishing how different [all] our respective musical ‘takes’ on the era have been so far in this hop! Very few crossovers, which just goes to show the abundance and richness of the music available! Very cool.

    • The world is huge – the musical world ten times even that. I am blown away every week by the entries, and by the realization that of all the stuff I think I know about music, it doesn’t even fill a thimbles-worth of the whole!

  2. One of these days I might try a mixed music day… though I am not sure I would know where to begin. Meanwhile I find some of those moments that I am not so familiar with here. My favs? Hard pressed… Rhythm and blues first, and an eclectic blend to follow.

    Fun journey you took us on t~ :-)

  3. What a lovely tribute – I only know about half of the songs/musicians you mentioned, but that’s what is awesome about TMT Tuesdays. And I love your blog name – do you ever sing/vlog for your readers?

    • Thank you Dana! And I think the LAST thing I’d want to do (based on a desire to not lose my entire readership) would be to sing for you all!

      No, by blog is actually titled after a Bobby Darin-penned song of the same name =)

  4. Your list is hapennin’ my man – I like it. (Also per previous comment somewhere else about the prevalence of The White Stripes – you notice the whole video for 7 Nation Army is triangles. They totally sold out to Baphomet and are under Queen Beyonce and King Jay-Z’s reign now. All hail Illuminati.) I tried typing that with a straight face but started giggling by the time I wrote Beyonce. Sorry. At least with you reading it, you momentarily thought I was serious, ;)

  5. The only one I knew here was Devo but I am now totally in love with Joe Strummer’s voice. So gritty and perfect. Love that he taught you the important lesson that life, is, indeed about ME, for all of us. Also, pretty much every single version I’ve ever heard of Wonderful World, I adore. Hadn’t heard this one before so thank you.

    • Some of his solo stuff gets a bit weak, but his work with The Mescalaros, the 101ers, and (of course!) The Clash are all spot-on! He also had a radio show that was documented in “The Future Is Unwritten” that you might find illuminating.

      And I’m glad I could introduce you to Mr. Ramone’s take on that song as well – Spoilers! – next week my favorite version will make an appearance =)

  6. Dave Brubeck…damn! Jazz for people who think they hate jazz. Funny how one song can capture so much of an audience, so diverse an audience.
    …if the world ends and we find out the afterlife is modeled after New York City in the ’50’s this will surely be the theme song.*

    *no, don’t ask me! I have no idea how that is expected to contribute to the discussion of your list. lol

  7. I LOVE Take 5, It is on almost every jazz playlist I have because I never get tired of it. I love how you are forcing us to make that connection. I leave it alone when people tell me that they don’t “get” jazz, it is my job as moderator to be impartial. But you are right on. I studied Jazz Theory and the History of Jazz in college. I realize that my love of jazz was not born out of nothingness, someone needs to lead you along until you are ready to find your way. But you are correct. There would be no Elvis Presley no Beatles nothing but a Symphony.

    • I am SOOO glad you liked and feel that that way Jen – ALL of music is a web. Without Jazz, no Clash. Without The Clash, no Public Enemy. It’s all one big-dunka-dunka web, and each scene is a mere strand. When the wind hits the web just right, man, I tell ya…!

      And to get this whole thing going full circle, I suppose I should slap this right about here now:

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